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  1. psc

    Ortho evra?

    Hi there, Just wondering if any ladies out there have tried the ortho evra patch. My birth control pills are helping my acne right now, but I am thinking of switching to the patch. Just wondering what some of your experiences have been and if you have any advice. Thanks !
  2. Thank you for the advice. sorry but ...what is ACV? and what do I do with the lemon juice? put it on with a cotton ball or something?
  3. some of my whiteheads have cleared but they left red marks behind which don't seem to be going away. The skin is totally clear but it is red so it basically looks like the pimples are still there. How can I get rid of the red marks? advice please? I have no idea why it was posted twice.... sorry
  4. some of my whiteheads have cleared but they left red marks behind which don't seem to be going away. The skin is totally clear but it is red so it basically looks like the pimples are still there. How can I get rid of the red marks? advice please?
  5. Here is a fun fact: Prep H is one of the most stolen products from drug stores. Simply because of the embarrassment factor. My best friend used to work at a pharmacy. But also, women buy the stuff a lot because, yes they do put it under their eyes to decrease bags. This does sound interesting and I do want to try it.
  6. psc


    Thank you for the suggestions! Would Aloe gel from the store do the same thing? It has been a few months and they are not gone.. One of them has been there since November. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin and it has AHA....but the spots are still there...
  7. psc


    Thanks to this site I have managed to clear up my face (except for the odd one here and there), Now I have red spots left on my face from where my acne used to be... in the past if a zit cleared, then my skin would be normal. But now whenever one goes away it leaves a mark behind... I can't get rid of these at all....Maybe it is because I am 26 and getting older... Any suggestions ?
  8. I'm 25. MY acne has calmed down A LOT since using this regimen. But it still wasn't gone. Then I realized I needed mild exfoliation to help. I read the posts about the baby brush and things. BUt then I randomly tried DOVE FACIAL CLEANSING CLOTHS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Just at night time! they are very gentle and non-comedogenic. My acne immediately disappeared! so here is my regimen! Morning: cetaphil cleanser Dans BP Neutrogena healthy skin Night Dove cloth Dans BP Cetaphil moisturizer LO
  9. Proactiv sucks. I was on it for a year and half and it just stopped working and all of sudden dried out my skin.. I was red, flaky and broken out. This happens to a lot of ppl. Don't do it, your face and your wallet will thank you. give dan's regimen another try and give it longer than a week.
  10. You and many others on this board have that in common. Proactiv sucks. It works for a bit and then just dies. It dried out my skin so bad and I broke out majorly... Here is what you do, To start go get cetaphil, ( or any product listed on this site. I got cetaphil cause its cheap and easy to find.) Cleanse, use the proactiv BP ( it is the only step of proactiv that matters), then moisturize. Once you run out of the proactiv BP, use Dan's. so order that right now. you might have a small br
  11. I have that too. the chin. on the sides . Someone explained to me that is becuse of your thyroid and how it affects the chin area... I dont know if that is true. I just got rid of a massive thing beside my mouth. It was irritated too. I have been putting honey and cinnamon on it every night. helped a lot. and make sure you ice it like 3 times a day. I iced it for as long as i could.
  12. good thing you came here . I had no idea either until I cam to this board. I used proactiv too and that stuff wreaked havoc on my skin. It was working but dried my skin so badly I was flaking all over the place. the problem with proactiv is the cleanser! that stuff will ruin your face. You need to ditch the cleanser AND the Toner all together and keep the step 3 repairing lotion. Proactiv only works because of step 3. So this is what I am doing cetaphil cleaner, Proactiv BP ( just unit
  13. ya I have ONE pustule that wont go away either. You work so hard and patiently wait to be clear.. and then you are almost there and something like this stupid thing shows up.
  14. ugh my face certainly isnt red with it. I will never switch mositurizers again. I fell in love with the cetaphil. it makes my face feel fantastic after the BP. maybe you are allergic to something in it.... but that seems weird because it is made for sensitive skin. I guess try something else. People are raving about paula's choice, maybe try that?
  15. Dont scrub, you will irritate your skin. and you only need to apply BP to areas that are acne prone. Like me I only get the acne on my chin and right between my eyes ( the worst place ever) So I only put BP on those areas. Then use a decent moisturizer and the flakiness will go away. I find the cetaphil mositurizer does a great job at getting rid of the flakiness.