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  1. Currently 100 % clear. But will have to see what happens in my luteal phase before I can comment. On the other hand, I've always had breakouts regardless of what time of the month it is. The skin range has dried my skin considerably, so I have started to use a moisturizer instead of the acne lotion with BP. Still taking my supps, no problems.
  2. Yes, but mainstream needs to label everything. So, if we try to avoid additives, colorants, GM foods, trans fats, etc, whereas the rest of society do not, then surely there must be something wrong with us.
  3. I have to agree on this, I have gone through all sorts of extremes, and still won't touch a lot of foodstuffs because I believe it is unhealthy. I definitely suffer from this to some degree, but have known this for quite some time, nothing new. And even if my skin clears up, I still won't eat a Mac Burger and fries.
  4. Scratch my last trial, didn't work all that well. I'm doing a B2 (400 mg/day) with other B vitamins, dry vitamin E and ALA at the moment. Also started using Skinmedica's acne range, a bit drying thus far, but have cleared up considerably. Might consider a moisturizer over the acne treatment to counteract the dryness.
  5. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    Mg = Magnesium Thanks for your advice, I'll make sure to update regularly. For now, I'll add Omega 3 and Vitamin C and make sure I take it on an empty stomach. Hoping it works.
  6. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    Thanks robbyangel, I obviously did a lot of things wrong, such as coffee with my extract in morning, whereas my second dose was never on an empty stomach. Will take it with C and fish oil after fasting, and reassess after my next cycle. Not giving up yet. I do think its less severe this time around and I normally break-out the entire month. And I also took Mg at night which lessens its bioavailability.
  7. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    Just to let everyone know, have quite a breakout on chin and forehead area. I am premenstrual, so egcg is obviously not tremendously effective in this regard. What next?!
  8. So I had almonds again and broke out with quite a few whiteheads on my chin area, am I ever going to accept that nuts really don't sit well with me. I have also returned to my low GI diet, i.e. had oat bran for breakfast and sprouted wheat bread with avo for lunch. My skin is already doing better.
  9. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    I take GT standardized extract: 300 mg Of which total polyphenols: 285 mg Of which EGCG: 130 mg I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Will still try and source piperine and take it with Vitamin C as suggested by robbyangel (study).
  10. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    robbyangel, why do you think it works so well, I am amazed at the reduction of oil on my face? Does it block DHT or is it purely just anti-inflammatory? Will see if I can get piperine this week-end, however, the green tea extract is working regardless, so I might not bother if I cant get any. Do you also drink green tea?
  11. Have slacked off on my low GI diet, i.e. had refined soya bread with margarine and biscotti, the rest was fine. I need to drink more green tea, had none today. Skin was good, three very small whiteheads. Still no significant oil. Had my four GTE pills on an empty stomach.
  12. My new supplement is green tea extract. Have been taking it for 1,5 weeks and so far so good. Have dropped the others, except for a B6 and Mg combo (mainly for pms) and taking clear skin complex by viridian. Skin has gone from oily to dry which is a bit strange.
  13. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    My skin is still not bad, more dry than oily, so I have let my super strict low GI diet go a bit to test it out. Lets see how it responds...
  14. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    Cool, not sure where I can find Bioperine. Have seen Piperine added to supplements before, but not Bioperine on its own.
  15. Lilo

    Egcg Supplements

    I'm trying this, together with a low GI diet, and 2+ cups of green tea / day. So far its going well, but too soon to tell. Experience has taught me that there is usually a honeymoon phase. Have been doing this for just over a week now.