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  1. Day 50: So its been 50 days, decided to count again for fun or something... I dont know. Anyways, I just came back from my derm appt. and he said, " Absolutely not, theres no reason to put a healthy young man on accutane and even if I wanted too, ur acne does not qualify. I know a congress man's son who suicide because of this drug and If anything happens to you while on it, I could lose my license". Blah blah blah! womp womp womp... FUCK! -So now im stuck with minocycline for 4 months, twice
  2. Day: Almost 2 months - lost track Alrighty peeps, theres good news and bad news. The good news is... I barely have any zits left, maybe 1 active one whic is small and going way down, my blemishes are disappearing and my skin is actually looking great... on my face anyways. Unfortunately, Im going to my derm tomorrow for a look up and I was planning to ask for accutane and because my skin is looking a lot better than it did, Im afraid he wont let me take accutane. ( yeah i know, thats the bad ne
  3. Day: Whichever I dont even care anymore. So the other day I went to my GP and she said she saw improvement but I quickly asked her if I could try getting accutane... she said though i barely have any acitve zits anymore that because my acne spreads to my back, shoulders and chest tht I could still be a strong candidate for accutane. So sure enough, I left the place feeling anxious to start yet a bit scared. Yesterday, when I came back from school my mom told me that I had a derm appointment We
  4. Day 40: Day 40 already!... doesnt seem like ive been on it for that long I guess time goes by faster than though. Anyways... today's a bad day for me, after a week and a half of great skin yesterday I got a big cyst looking thing on the side of my lips! YES... ON THE FUCKING SIDE OF MY LIPS- right where the top and bottom one join... its fucking embarrassing lol. All this to say, Ive decided not to go to my first block in the morning... screw it, all my clear skined friends'll be looking at it
  5. A month Mark: Alrighty guys, Its been a complete month and I really hope i dont kinx it but my skin is looking quite good. Breakouts are now less frequent, a breakout used to be 5 -6 new zits ranging from big to small now its maybe 1 little onw that doesnt even turn red which is nice. The scars or blemishes from my previous acne are leaving which is such a relief and I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again. Though I hope it keeps getting better I'm still expecting zits to come of course a
  6. Hey Routhman, I've actually been on minocycline now for almost a month and its been working alright for me so far but not quite getting the results I hope for yet maybe thats just me being impatient but w/e. I was just wondering now that ur on tane... how muc are u paying for the stuff and how are u doing with all the side effects? Any depressing thoughts at all and dos it hurt ur stomach like most anti-biotics do at first?
  7. Day 23: Still slowly improving. Last night I put some Retin-A cream and everything seemed fine but when i woke up i have 3 new zits... ne was pussy and on my right jawline, i had one on my upper lip ( those are always he worse) and one that wasnt so bad on my chin. I popped two of the sucker since my chin one wasnt that bad and as soon as I did so... KABOOM my upper lip one inflamed like a balloon, i got the white goopiness out but damn it was so red and I had to go to work... ha, funn now that
  8. Day 21: Alright, so I've been on this regimen now for 21 days which is exactly 3 weeks, almost a month. Ive read multiple articles on minocycline and from what I gathered, after a month you're supposed to be about 50% clear. Its been 3 weeks now and I have to say, I see significant results. As of today, I think I only maybe have1 or 2 active zits which are very tiny on the right side of my jawline... I dont even know if u can consider this active since its there but its fading but i guess Ill
  9. Day 17: Like I've been saying lately, the process of healing has slowed down but I have seen results. If I get new breakouts the zits seem to be a lot smaller and disappear quickly. Though what aggravates me the most is the fact that lately I've been having more "poppers" than usual. Seems like I wake up in the morning and everything is fine but as the day goes on the white goop seems to be wanting to burst out of its shell and of course, one of my friends has to point it out... damn it! I gues
  10. Day 14: Not much more improvement since its initial improvement of the first days ive been on my regimen. Now it seems that the process of healing has slowed down but feel like improvement is just around the corner. My breakouts are a little less frequent, I only get a 1 or 2 new ones a week now which is i guess better and they dont last long at all which is a relief. Ive also been using Retin-A which is a weird cream to say the least. Its supposed to make you breakout the first few weeks whivc
  11. Day 11: Not much has changed face is still breaking out, especially on the lower part of my left cheek which is a disappointment. Ive only been on it for 11 days and already somewhat getting discouraged but I will keep an open mind nonetheless. I guess the reason for my disppointment is that I saw promising results right away whe i first started but now it seems like new breakouts are appearing leaving even more blemishes. acne's frustrating, damn! If any mroe ppl reply to my posts that ar
  12. Day 6: Face is still improving slowly, no new zits thus far and the ones I already had or if i get a little new one, they seem to go away much quicker. I dont know if this is because of the minocycline pills or the clindoxyl and retin- A creams. Pills dont really affect me anymore as far as dizziness and headaches, if i sleep enough hours, everything seems to be fine. I have had a problem with peeling, dry skin lately since im using clindoxyl gel during the day but nothing I cant deal with... l
  13. Day 5: Already skin is starting to improve... acne on my back seems to have gotten dramatically better overnight. Maybe 1 or 2 new little new zits on my face but nothing im not used too. Though I have seen some significant improving results... today the minocycline pills defitnetly hit me hardest today getting very dizzy as the day went by. Got a major headache right now but my spirit is up since I can see improvement. Got about 4 - 5 hours of sleep last night which probably contributed to my m
  14. Hey guys... thank you so much for the support, raises my spirit. Im on my 3rd day now on my new regimen and so far... all im getitng is peeling skin. For some reason... i cant feel new breakouts though i can somewhat see them if i look real close in the mirror. Ive got 3 huge pimples on the left cheek right now which is pretty bothersome but i'll live. Ive been taking minocycline twice a day and i have to say this morning i woke up to go to work and I was feeling pretty sick and dizzy but it wen