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  1. Jodik123

    Love it!

    Love it!

    When people used to say their skin glowed I didn't really get what they meant but now I do! I've been taking a vitamin e capsule (400 IU) daily for about 3 weeks now and my skin is more elastic therefore meaning hardly any more pimples are appearing and most of my redness has cleared. I would definitely recommend this especially to people who have redness in their face.
  2. Jodik123

    Miracle product

    Miracle product

    I honestly have never reviewed a product in my life but I think everyone should know about this! I used to get acne all over my shoulders and the odd bit on my back. Since using head and shoulders once every day for the past 2 weeks I haven't got a single pimple my shoulders have cleared up completely. Make sure you have a shower, lather it into your skin, leave it for a minute and then rinse. REALLY IMPORTANT to use every day. I tried this before and it was on the days I missed that the one o