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  1. bump pls help i need to wash my face with something
  2. having a little red marks isnt as bad as having acne
  3. hey Well today i just realised that i had no more bp left and that i had no tubes left in my cupboard so i have nothing now. So i was wondering what i could use as an alternative to bp until my bp arrrives in like another 3 weeks since i live overseas... could i just use SA wash and apply my daily regimen of AHA and sunscreen or should i just cleanse my face and skip bp and apply AHA. pls help cos i have no idea on what to do. thanks in advance.
  4. im guessing washing it thoroghly wont irrate the skin because it is said that SA and BP cause irration. but i will try it thanks alot
  5. hey i have a problem, i now that SA and bp irratate the skin so my question is when to u exfloiate if u put bp on day and night. Do u exfloiate with SA first then the regimen. When u do u guys exfloiate with SA? thanks pls reply
  6. so for u guys who have been on the regimen for more then a year, even though u guys dont have acne u guys still put bp on ur face?
  7. when u talk about baking soda u mean the powder stuff right?
  8. because ive been doing it form almost a year.
  9. hey i just was wondering if florescent like is the same as light outside when it is day. Today i looked at my face with the florescent light in my mums room and my scars looked way worse then i wounded if it was the same as day light...
  10. Hey i was wondering if anyone from aus knew of any good exfolaters that i could us because i have flaky skin and is visable even after i put moisturizer. pls help thanks in advacne
  11. for the love of god please reply i beg u pls someone give me an answer
  12. hi im new to lactic peels and i was wondering what one can i buy from my local pharmacy like what type of brand thanks in advance
  13. i have decided to use a AHA peel to get rid of my scars but i wont to now whats the differencs between the 3 types of AHA peels. thanks in advance
  14. i might try just using alittle bp