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  1. Gosh,this thread has really scared me!!!I'm thinking about taking spiro.I've been on dianette for afew years now and although it doesn't really work for my skin anymore,in the beginning it completely cleared my skin and my skin was absolutely great for a while.I used to sleep in my make-up even nearly all the time(because it made me so confident having clear skin i was out most nights! ),and still my skin was flawless.As dianette worked so great i'm thinking that spiro would work great;especial
  2. Frances; why do you say that if your skin is responsive to diane-35 then it should be responsive to spiro? I'm just curious because afew years ago when i first started dianette(diane 35),it completely cleared my skin but then it stopped working afew months later.I'm still on it now for contraception.Could spiro work for me because diane did?
  3. Hi Anyone who has been on/is on spiro;how did it work?Also did you get an initial breakout with it and if so,how long did it last? Thanks
  4. Do you suffer from alopecia as well as the acne?If so,it sounds hormonal and maybe spiro could help?
  5. That would be hilarious.In thosands of years historians would look back and say that was the time that the "acne people" started their own colony.The thing is we would be seen as even more different and we could be turned into a tourist attraction where people with clear skin would actually come to have a good stare at our faces.Now that would be horrible!!!
  6. I live in England too and they are my sentiments exactly,Tired of acne!!!Where is the summer this year?!You'd think it was March.I've forgotten what the sun is like!"!!
  7. Something strange has happened I have come on my period two days earlier than normal.Dianette has ALWAYS kept me regular since taking it for the last 4 and a half years,so for my period to come early is really strange!!! I'm not bothered it just struck me as something different happening with my body,which is normally so regular with dianette;and i'm wondering why it's happened like this,this month. It could be that i missed a pill in this last pack but then again i have done that a couple of
  8. My dermatologist actually told me that celebraties take roaccutane in low dosages all of the time to keep their skin from breaking out at all.I don't blame them for doing that though.It's something i would consider if i'd tried everything else first.I've been on roaccutane twice and it hasn't completely cleared my skin.Maybe helped but it hasn't got my skin to how i want it.I'm trying other things now but if i needed it i would try roaccutane again for a third and final time at a very high dosag
  9. When will the Austrailian study be complete,do you know? Women with PCOS are told to go on a low carb diet because high levels of insulin stimulate the ovaries to produce high levels of testosterone,thus increasing oil production and causing more acne.
  10. I definetely think dianette's effects have worn off because in the beginning my skin was completely clear from it but i do think that dianette helps to some degree. I started the diet and supps AFTER the bloodtest so it can't be that. My hair follicles and oil glands must be over-sensitive to the androgens i do have.I think i will try spiro and i will carry on with the diet and supps(even though my bank balance may disagree with me! )
  11. You know i really don't understand why i have a higher than normal level of SHBG yet i have acne!!!How the heck?!Surely all of the free androgens should be binding to those hormones and not causing acne?!That is actually probably why i have lower than normal androgen levels.But i still have acne!!!
  12. My cholestrol levels were normal too.They did print the reference ranges on the sheet too and it showed that my hormones levels were normal other than the SHBG being higher than normal and the free androgens being lower than normal!!!That actually looks good and i'd think that by looking at my hormone levels i couldn't have acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dianette must be helping my hormone levels although i still have acne!That is really puzzeling me!Dianette when i first started using it completley
  13. Just wondering;those that have done diet for their skin and it's worked,how long did it take until you saw improvements,and how long until your skin was clear?