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  1. ...when you starve yourself out of fear of eating something that may cause a breakout ...when you honestly do not know what you really look like anymore because your self-image is so warped ...when you sometimes get so frustrated with your acne that you pick your face to a bloody pulp without even flinching
  2. I've tried steaming a few times (for 10 minutes under a towel) but I notice I never sweat much.. I mean my face will feel a little moist, but in a gooey way.. no actual sweat really. Is this because I use Tazorac? I only use it at night, but maybe it's always in my pores and blocks them somehow?
  3. I have the Clarisonic. I got it a bit cheaper off of ebay, but I kind of regret it. From what I've read about it, it's wonderful. Nearly everyone else who has it seems to love it. I suppose it does what it's advertised to do.. But I never noticed much of a difference. I, too have problems with bad skin texture but the clarisonic never seemed to make much of a difference-- although, it does make topicals sink in easier, I guess since it pores aren't as clogged? I don't know. It never helped my a
  4. Well, that sounds pretty basic.. But I'd suggest looking up specific recipes first and following those and then tweaking from there. There's lots of simple DIY recipes floating around, and various websites that sell inexpensive bulk ingredients. I imagine it could get complicated trying to make your own face creams-- keeping it from going rancid, knowing how much of each ingredient to put into it, etc. Or maybe you could just buy a very basic moisturizer, put it in a different bottle and mix a
  5. Best: Boscia Smoothing Face Polish - the ONLY scrub that actually really worked. The scrubby beads are the perfect texture and size..not grainy, abrasive, or too small like most. Yes To Carrots Day Cream - Very nice and effective moisturizer, with nothing weird in it. Olay Age-Defying Cleansing Cloths - Helped my skin a lot..But now I can't find it anywhere, and none of their other "daily facials" type cloths work nearly as well.. Clean & Clear Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask - Used as a mask. Pre
  6. It may or may not work for you; didn't for me. I think you just dissolve sea salt in warm water? Not positive on this. I just kept it in a jar and shook it up before I used it. I tried using a dead sea salt soap a while back and it did nothing.
  7. I hope this reply isn't too late. I would suggest you go buy some Visine eye drops. That should take a lot of the redness out of the red pimples. This is supposed to work really well [it's a model's trick]. Please don't pick/aggravate your skin too much! Do you have any neosporin/polysporin or something similar to put on the popped pimples? Another thing you can do is get a cottonball, pour some hydrogen peroxide on it and hold it on the two big zits [one at a time]. Do this a few times a day.
  8. Really? Are they so holy? Of course, you do make a point... But they aren't all-knowing. We aren't expert either, but there are many factors involved when it comes to acne. Just treating it with random topicals/prescriptions is not always enough. In the end it's just about the money...Same goes with any profession I guess, but that's just another reason why you shouldn't give complete power to them. Yes, consider their advice. Listen to what they have to say, try not to quit medications early.
  9. I've been using EM for a few months now.. But I still do not see what's so great about it. The coverage is pretty sheer with all of the formulations, even intensive-- on me at least. Unless of course I put on layer upon layer, but it still doesn't cover my red marks. And yes, I apply it correctly, and use a flat-top brush.. I think I might as well give up on mineral foundation. But until I find a liquid foundation that's pale enough, I can't.
  10. -Smaller nose (hate, hate, HATE my nose) -Less acne -10 pounds lighter -Different hair different face & body in general
  11. What brands of conealer have the palest shades? I've yet to find one; I'm very pale.
  12. OK so, I have a question. I went to the doctor today and was prescribed Tetracycline, 500 mg twice a day. I was wondering, is it okay to take probiotics while on this? Other supplements i'm currently taking include MSM, b-complex, taurine, zinc citrate and an essential fatty acids supplement. Also.. will the fact that I'm taking a high dosage make the initial breakout worse? or is it irrelevant/random mostly. (By the way, my acne is moderate--mostly cysts and nodules, and at least partially ho
  13. People still actually consider doing this? Just looking at the website, it almost looks like a parody.. And generally, all sites with that layout [and they do all have that same exact layout; why I do not know] are scams.
  14. I normally don't get cysts, unless I eat too much wheat-- in that case I'll usually get a cyst or two on my cheeks. My other, normal pimples have normally been on the lower half of my face but sometimes I find a cluster of them elsewhere, but anyway.. Within the past week I've gotten about 4 cysts on my chin. I do break out a little before my period (despite taking aleve 10 days prior), but never to this extent. Actually, it would be a little to early to be breaking out in this case. But I hav
  15. (for those of you who wear makeup to cover up acne) When someone says I'm pretty (not that it happens that often), and insists on it-- I want to shake them. Part of me wants to drag them into the nearest restroom, and have them watch as I wipe all the makeup off my face and say, "NOW DO YOU THINK I'M PRETTY? I DIDN'T THINK SO." bah. Currently my face is way too horrid looking to attempt covering anything. But when I do I wonder why I even bother; it almost feels like lying to people. I mean,