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  1. Dan's bp is making my skin really dry, even if i put moisturizer on you can still see A LOT of flakes. Right now i exfoliate 3 times a week and i don't think it's enough so is it okay if i exfoliate everyday?
  2. does it have to be apple cider vinegar can i use another type of vinegar?
  3. :/ i had a cyst under my lip once. Don't go straight to thinking its a cold sore because at first it was all red too. Then a few days later it came to a head. Turned out it was a pimple
  4. both cleansers are great. Only reason why i'm using cetaphil cleanser is because i get it for $5 here. It's too much paying for shipping and stuff cause i usually buy a lot at one time.
  5. i used to have these a few months ago all i did was drink a lot of water and gently apply some ice to it in a bag for about 30mins once i wake up and before i go to sleep. In about 2-3 days they should go away. O ya and continue with dans bp and stuff.
  6. morning: 1. Wet my face with warm water for about 5 seconds, then apply Dan's cleanser gently for 10 seconds. 2. rinse off for about 15 seconds then towel dry gently 3. wait 5 minutes then apply Dan's bp 4. wait for 15minutes then apply cetaphil moisturizer. *This is the step where i avoid putting moisturizer on my forehead cause every time I do so I ALWAYS break out the next day. Even if i don't put moisturizer it gets really dry and irritating...and i eventually break out this way too, bu
  7. i thought the skin throughout the whole face is the same...it's weird how i break out only on my forehead.
  8. i tried fruit of earth that made me breakout too but haven't tried cerave yet...i have numerous bottles and tubes of moisturizers which i only use once....and they go to waste :/
  9. I keep getting acne on my forehead. It's the only part of my face where i continously get acne there. I have short hair so it's not the hair...i know it's the moisturizer cause everytime i apply it to my forehead i break out the next day. If i don't apply moisturizer to my forehead i get flakes, then it eventually gets irratating and i break out anyways. I'm not sure what else to turn to i've used a variety of moisturizers: aveeno, dans moisturizer, cetaphil, neutrogena, jojob oil, etc
  10. well it's been about 2 weeks every since i started using the moisturizer and i broke out a total of 4 times :/...and it doesn't seem to keep my skin moisturized during school and work. I still have flaky skins...i guess i have to go back to cetaphil(GREAT MOISTURIZER), but sadly it makes my face really shiny.
  11. I broke out from it on my nose. I never broke out on my nose before so it was frustrating! I immediately stopped using it after 2 weeks and now I'm clear..no more breakouts. My skin does not like jojoba oil. I wasn't imagining it afterall...lol. I'm not sure if your break out is due to the moisturizer 'cause u broke out the next day and it takes 2-3 weeks for a zit to show up. Maybe your skin is just trying to adjust to it and u're breaking out from that? Some people's skin does that. Any new pr