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  1. U HAVE TO GO TO DERMATOLOGIST! My acnes also showed up when i was 10-11 years old and i didnt pay attention and now im 17, i have severe acnes on my face its all because i didnt go to dermatologist on time!
  2. thank you for your response! so, you wash your face with water mixed with sea salt? what are the results? also, is sea salt different from our ordinary salt which we add to our meals? hello! Thanks for your answer! I have many open pores on my cheek! in picture, u cannot really see it! well, i tried many things and nothing helped and sometimes it even got worse, so i am scared to try new products because it might get worse thank you! thank you so much for your reply! i really appreciate
  3. yes, the medicines and creams they prescribed for me did not help me at all i am struggling with acnes for almost 7 years and my acnes are not going away is it possible that i will have these acnes till the end of my life?:((
  4. Hello everybody! I am 17 years old and I have had acnes on my face for almost 7 years. I tried many medicines and therapies but nothing helped me. I wanna try accutane but seems like i am too young to use that medicine and also my mom said she will never give permission to me to try accutane. So, in general, what is your opinion about my skin? I feel so shy and inconfident because of my skin, and people look a bit disgusted when they look at me and therefore, i do not want to talk to anybody: