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  1. Day 3 of my 6th TCA CROSS session. The ones on my nose still hardly scabs because of too much oil production and I have some acne forming on the left side of my nose because i couldnt do my regimen for 3 days. The doctor also crossed some enlarged pores and small icepicks on my cheeks. The procedure is just $30 per session, $60 for whole face. I live in Asia(Philippines) so i guess it is cheaper here.
  2. Just TCA cross. Nope it did not get worse on my nose because they were really deep to begin with.
  3. Will undergo another tca cross session tomorrow with my doctor. Here is a pic from years ago and here is a pic i took today Doctor is suggesting Pixel laser after a few more Crosses. Is Pixel kind of outdated already?
  4. Ok I will continue to do Cross until they are all levelled. Any idea on the maximum number of Crosses I can do? Will exceeding 6 treatments be okay still?
  5. Hi thank you for your quick response. I feel they are less deeper now but usually they look like this (about 30 to 50% improvement )when it's still fresh. Do you think i need to do the hydro/salicylic peels first before doing another round of Cross? And also i have not tried fraxel or co2 on my nose. Just Tca CROSS 5 times.
  6. Ive done two more sessions last month. So all in all ive done tca cross 5 times already on my nose. Once in 2011, 2x in 2015 and 2x just last month. As you can see, they are still fresh and red. Im using tretinoin 0.05% to help with the collagen production. The problem that I always encounter is the oilyness of my nose is preventing the scab to stay longer. They always fall off on the 2nd or 3rd day. And sometimes they dont even form scab at all because my nose is super oily 24/7. By the wa
  7. Hi mine did not improve. Maybe because i should have done more
  8. Ok thank you. This post is almost 6 yrs ago and do u think Tca cross is still the best for this type of scarring?
  9. Ive had 2 more sessions of 100% tca cross on my nose pits in 2015. No improvements. Any recommendations?
  10. Hey dani. Where u from? Did u get an i.b?