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  1. You could put toothpaste on it over night...this should dry it out. You want to use the white paste brand, as is thick.... You could aslo try some zinccream, dab some on before bed and leave over night... Trent
  2. Really? Will this work and have you used Fish Oil Pills/ cod liver oil before? What form is the Cod liver?? is it an oil or a capsule? Trent
  3. Personally, they didnt work for me, I have trired several different blackhead removal strips and none have worked for me. I am using Witch Hazel at the momentand it seems ot shrink my pores and blackheads. You can even buy it in wipes. So maybe give them a try. Trent
  4. If it comes back, then it comes back. Don't stress over nothing.....it may never come back, and you will have worried overnothing. Just make sure you look after your skin and body, eat well, get plenty of sleep, dont fuss over your face to much, and just be happy that your skin is okay at the moment..... Best wishes, Trent
  5. Hey I hope by the time your wedding arrives, your skin is sorted. Try and have a good nights sleep. use a Acne body wash, and make sure when your in bed, you dont have too many blankets on over you, use a light cotton blanket, you dont want to sweat as this will cause more spots... Try drinking healthy juices and smoothies, they will detox and clean out your liver. Also try changing your diet perhaps? Fish, brown rice, wholegrain bread, limit your dairy intake, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegat
  6. You poor thing, try not to stress as it will help the breakouts even more. You have alot of people here to support you because we all go through these horrid breakouts. I hide too, or want to, but my family and mates always ignore the spots and want me to get on with life, and not shut myself away from the big bad world. It is hard though when you are covered in ugly red spots......hang in there, get some sleep, drink some water and try and eat healthy.... Trent
  7. Hi has anyone else tried Nixodern? I get lumpy spots, when I shave and I find that if I put Nixodern on over the psot and leave over night, then by morning, the lump has usually gone down. also some of the redness fades aswell.... I got mine from ebay, as they dont sell it here in Austalia Trent
  8. Hi I have read that taking too much water is a bad thing as it dilutes the liver....about 2 litres a day is ideal....I was drinking about 3 litres a day but had to stop cause I was peeing constantly, how bout you try a health juice, they make you pee and get rid of all the bad toxins, and you dont have to drink 2 litres worth, just one or two a day will help clean out your system... Trent
  9. Hi I am 26 years old and still get mild acne/ pimples.....I seem to get ingrown hairs which cause lumpy spots after I have shaven. Its really annoying, but there seems to be nothing I can do.... I am taking several capsules from my health food store, daily, which seems to be helping stop the pimple breakouts.... Flaxseed Oil ( 3 a day) Bio Ace Excell with Selenium (2 a day). At night I also dap Nixodern into my spots, they make red marks on my face but by morning, they seem to settle the lumpy
  10. I dont think anyone is a nerd because they get pimples.....but I think the isolation has to do with getting zits and being paranoid etc......I used to find that when I had break outs I'd hide in my house...lol.
  11. Mate things work differently for different people, I am sure there is something that works for you.......no need to get shitty, LOL!
  12. Hang in there mate, Im 26 and still get spots..........nothing that bad, but still, they are there, ugh... Keep your chin up.. Trent
  13. Hope it all works out for ya mate, keep your chin up and be strong... Trent
  14. Ive been reading that green tea capsules may help with clear skin? I am in Australia and am wondering if anyone has used them before??? Trent
  15. I eat alot of fresh fruits and vegatables, I do have junk days where I big out, but not often. I dont drink coffee, alchol, or fizzy drinks. I drink water, herbal teas....... I think my prob is that I get ingrown hairs and when I sahev, it just causes these huge lumps.......guppies I call them....its kinda like that today, my skins really dry and itchy and sore. Trent