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  1. Hi i would like to know how affirm laser worked? it was good? i have my appt. next week. I'm a little scared! :( please let me know ;)

  2. Thank you - I think I will give that a try!
  3. Any recommendations on particular foundations or general tips to help camouflage indented, pitted acne scars? Thanks!
  4. Aliaa, Welcome to the board. You might want to repost your question in one of the forums that is devoted to dealing with active acne - like the "acne medication" forum or the "acne types" forum. Aside from your typical antibiotics, there are also light/laser therapies available (like photodynamic IPL). Maybe try searching on that topic. Best wishes to you.
  5. Hey there. I understand how you feel, and maybe I can give you some hope. I'm 34, and I have pretty severe acne scars. However I did manage to break free of my skin issues enough to date and I am now married. When I was younger, in my teens and early 20's, the thought of allowing someone to be physically close to me was so terrifying that I thought I'd never find someone. Even if a guy seemed interested in me despite my skin I would shy away. I didn't go on my first real date until age 23.
  6. Going to the derm can be a very emotional experience, so you shouldn't feel so bad about crying. It's tough to go knowing that your skin is going to be scrutinized, since we spend most of our time trying to keep from being scrutinized! It sounds like you've tried everything, but if you're female maybe you could try birth control pills. It could help, but sorry if I'm just stating something obvious.
  7. That is encouraging. I feel like nobody will ever find me attractive with all these scars, even though I used to consider myself pretty before I had them.
  8. That is encouraging. I feel like nobody will ever find me attractive with all these scars, even though I used to consider myself pretty before I had them.
  9. I also started using the Flawless Skin foundation a few months ago. I like it - it has good coverage and hasn't caused me any skin problems!
  10. yeahhh, you're right. i actually just came back from movies, Transformers, awesome ass movie and i have a new favorite actress! but yeah, i jst dont got the best self confidence a guy can have. if i were to go on a cruise, i wanna find myself attractive incase of some girl or somethin. it would make me feel better.
  11. Molly, you seem like a really nice person. I'm sorry you feel that people don't like you. I enjoy reading your posts. About this site making you more depressed and irritable, I guess that can happen if it makes you think more about your acne and acne-related problems. Even though most of us think about our acne/scarring issues a lot anyway, sometimes being on here helps to bring it even more to the forefront of our minds.
  12. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's very normal to have your ups and downs. Anyway, comparing yourself to Audrey will do that to anyone.
  13. Yes, I know exactly how you feel. I have bad scarring too. I have my ups and downs about how they make me feel, but for the past few months its been mostly bad. I am getting married in September, and I have been looking at a lot of pictures of brides for hairstyle ideas, etc. So now I'm constantly looking at people with nice, normal looking skin, and worrying that an updo will look really bad on me and expose all my scars to their full extent! It's hard looking at pictures of beautiful peop
  14. I hope it wasn't actually worse than before when she stopped taking it! If it just went back to normal, I wouldn't mind. The little blurb I read about this product is that it gives a temporary improvement that last 24-36 hours per application. Anyway, I did order it and I'll report back how it works when I try it out.