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  1. Rosiesmay

    Days 18 - 20

    Day 18 – 13.11.2016 (19th pill taken PM) Day 19 – 14.11.2016 (20th pill taken PM) New spots on cheeks this morning. Spots have generally been appearing on forehead and jawline however on right cheek in particular three large spots have come up. Day 20 – 15.11.2016 (21st pill taken) A few new spots on cheeks and jaw line. Forehead seems to have less closed comedones today.
  2. This day has been awful. Worst breakouts yet. Forehead completely covered in closed comedones. Both sides of neck covered in small red sports and large cyst-like spots appearing on jawline. It is getting difficult to cover with make up.
  3. Yes, thank you so much!!! I'm only on week 3 and often feel like quitting already because my breakouts are just getting worse and worse...
  4. Thank you for relaying this information for all of us who are currently going crazy/debating the medication while we're on it!
  5. Can I ask which dosage you were on? I have just started 20mg and my acne is very similar to how yours was at the beginning....
  6. Rosiesmay

    Days 12 - 15

    Day 12 – 7.11.2016 (13th pill taken PM) Day 13 – 8.11.2016 (14th pill taken PM) Small spots seem to be all over face and neck (not necessarily red, but bumps). Day 14 – 9.11.2016 (15th pill taken PM) Day 15 – 10.11.2016 (16th pill taken PM) I am definitely breaking out, particularly on my forehead and around my jaw line. On my forehead they are now medium-size red bumps with small under the surface bumps all over. My jaw lines are full of under the surface bump
  7. Rosiesmay

    Done accutane after 8 months

  8. Rosiesmay

    Acne has ruined my life

    Hi! I have just started on accutane (I have acne similar to yours at the beginning of your accutane course). Your skin has really improved, despite the spots that do come, you should be so proud! I hope I can make similar progress to yours. Thank you for sharing your story and keep going!
  9. Rosiesmay

    Days 1 - 11

    Day 1 – 27.10.2016 (2nd pill taken) I took the first 20mg Ciscutan capsule last night with a big plate of food: veal, green beans and bacon, rice. I think night vision was already difficult but that might just be because my eyes are terrible anyway. During the day at work I noticed my make-up is drying very easily to my face – it doesn't usually dry like this. Day 2 – 28.10.2016 (3rd pill taken) Small spots appearing, particularly around my jaw line. Had an outbreak o