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  1. Louisemariex

    Progress pictures

    Thank u for getting back to me...I'm the same with popping..scratching and picking at things. I stopped for ages and it started being almost stable then my depression went off the scale last week..( I suffer bad depression & anxiety) ....I had a bad reaction to cheap face mask...itchy weeping blisters along with acne breakouts made me start attacking my face again....dermatillomania is called. I'm hoping if I can calm down and get my depression under control my skin will also improve along w
  2. Louisemariex

    Progress pictures

    How long was u on antibiotics for if u can remember...I starts them this week....how long did it take to see improvent.. Sorry for all questions
  3. One said because I have no scarring which is a load of bullshit I have many scars ....another said because I havnt tryed oral antibiotics which I am on now
  4. Louisemariex

    Progress pictures

    Wow. What amazing progress. What did this for you. X
  5. My skin at the moment is a weeping. Itching. Uncomfortable mess. I cnt stop picking at things which also makes it worse. I suffer from major depression which at the moment is spiraling because of my acne along with other things in my life. I will not leave my flat unless its to go to doctors or get a prescription. At home I have his mirrors and have to plaster calamine lotion on as its the only thing that stops the itching and stops me touching my face. Any support would be appreciated a lot. Th
  6. Louisemariex

    Help!! Small pimples and Occasional Cysts

    I suffer from the same thing hun. Is so annoying even when I use bp and a salicylic acid face wash i still suffer...cnt off much advice but your not alone hun xxx
  7. Louisemariex

    acne and self esteam

    Thank u for help xxxx
  8. Louisemariex

    acne and self esteam

    Hi....im 26 and been suffering from light acne on and off since my teens....i thought it would have stopped by now but no luck so far....i think its my hormones mainly so I've been on Yasmin for just over a year and i use bp 5-10% every night without fail. These light breakouts seam to be pretty continuous and new pimples appear daily. Im aware that it's mild and may look like nothing so some people but it still has shattered my self esteem. It's pretty much non existent at this point..anyone el
  9. Louisemariex

    If you feel bad read this. #myacnestory

    That's really good;! Im still struggling abit but hopefully i will get where I want to Be with my skin or try to learn to live with it....is still a daily battle x
  10. Hi all, just a quick question....has anyone tried panoxyl face wash.....with maximum strength benzoyl peroxide? Is it any good? It costs much more than ide normally pay for a face wash so wanted to be sure....Tia xxx
  11. Louisemariex

    If you feel bad read this. #myacnestory

    Very brave with a good message! Thanks for this, hope your doing better now...did u get clear? Xx
  12. Louisemariex

    Feeling Down

  13. Louisemariex

    Feeling Down

    Hi.....ive been really stressed lately and im at that time of the month also. I've been on Yasmin for almost a year now and I thought it was making a difference but the lady couple months its ad if it's stopped? My skin is in the worst state it's been in a long time even resorting to me having to try and extract pimples which I absolutely hate. I feel like im cover in small pimples as well as 2 or 3 bigger white heads that take ages to heal. I don't know what to do any more...all the doctors ca
  14. Louisemariex

    Summer & extra oily skin!!!

  15. since the weather where I live is getting hotter my skin is becoming ridiculously oily....thus causing more breakouts! I normally have oily skin but lately it just seams to keep getting worse....i cant even leave my moisturiser (oil free) on for very long anymore before having to wash it off as It isn't helping at all and makes me look too shiny....any help? Or do I just have to accept I can't control the weather lol xxx