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  1. I came here wanting to ask the same question. One of the only moisturizers I've ever purchased in my life is La Roche Posay's Toleraine Fluide. I live in Canada where it's sold in a lot of places. I don't know where it is sold outside of Canada. But, it's pretty basic, boring. Maybe look for a moisturizer with similar ingredients? It's never really given me any trouble. Water, Squalane, Glycerin, Dipropylene Glycol, Sodium Carbomer, Ethylhexyl Oxyglycerin, Capryl Glycol,
  2. I use Benzac AC 10% (a prescription drug here in Canada) for emergencies and it works wonders. I don't typically believe in spot treating but sometimes I get really red bumps and I just flood it with this and usually in 1 or 2 days it "turns into" a whitehead. Leaving it alone and not medicating them they've lasted more than a week! Overuse causes extreme dryness and irritation, so be careful. Wait 30 minutes or more after washing your face to apply. (PS, the "AC" in Benzac AC stands for
  3. My cynical mind is saying: "All I'm getting from these pictures is that people look better when their skin looks better." Of course, I'm seeing what I want to see. The majority don't do anything for me, but obviously look better with better skin. The frosty side of me says that one reason I think the "after" looks better is because we are so used to seeing the afters, that it makes the before so much more jarring. If these were everyday people walking around at your local mall nothing is ba
  4. Hyperpigmentation (darkening) will go away on its own, but it takes forever. Think of a red mark left behind after a pimple. I think with those lasers hyperpigmentation is guaranteed, isn't it? Fraxel Re:Pair is a C02 laser. I had non-fractionated C02 laser resurfacing 86 days ago and there are still areas that are pigmented. I have olive skin as well. My dermatologist told me it was unavoidable. Having said that, there are prescription drugs that can help fade them, almost all have hydroquinon
  5. I wash my face with water only for this reason. Using cleanser always made me more red, more dry, more tight feeling, etc. So I use water AM and PM. I don't use any products that should be removed, so this method works for me.
  6. Hi It's been a long time since I've posted. This year has been crazy for me so I'll start with a brief history to give you guys some context: I'm 28 in October (boo!) Started seeing a dermatologist at 13/14 Diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder at 16 - (Relating to my skin, naturally.) Coincidentally, I have 20/10 vision. On and off Accutane 5 times, the longest period being 3 years, (10mg daily) I stopped taking it 1 year and 5 months ago to prepare my skin for C02 laser resurfaci
  7. I'm engaged, we've been together 5 years. First, he (I'm gay) deserves huge kudos for putting up with my skin issues. He's been there through everything: dermatologists, traveling to different cities to see dermatologists and get laser treatments, taking care of me after each procedure, rubbing my back until 3am while I cry about my skin, understanding that I can't just go out and see a movie or be spontaneous, the list goes on and on. For me, he makes the overall experience better but I
  8. Hi and thanks everyone! He weighs 165 lbs and is 5 foot 9. He's on a low dose because he can't tolerate high doses, and to be honest he doesn't have very bad facial acne. It's mostly body acne that made him really upset. (He gets pimples like everyone else on his face, but he says the body acne really upsets him.) So, now he's breaking out on his face worse than ever. The dermatologist says he wants him on Accutane for a very long time. The derm says the reason for this is because my son is ve
  9. My son is a little over a month into his Accutane treatment. He is NOT oily at all. Definitely a great thing! The only bad part is he is still getting pimples. More than usual. I know the purging phase is different for everyone but I was hoping some people could share their experience with purging to make me feel a little better? He said he is getting a very hard pimple...he never got those. It's getting him down. It's acne, acne, acne, acne since he started and he went on this drug to get and
  10. My daughter is very acne prone and has oily skin. I'm wondering what people with a similar problem are using for foundation? She prefers liquid. Thanks so much!
  11. Filling this out on behalf of my son; Age: Almost 18 Sex: Male Weight: 165 Starting Dose: 20mg How bad was your acne when you started accutane?: mild on face, moderate on body Did you take an antibiotic with accutane to combat any initial breakouts?: No, but he does spot treat the ones that come up with Clindagel. When was the initial breakout?: All of Week 3 How bad was the initial breakout?: Lots of whiteheads on his upper lip. Now he has two harder pimples on each cheek but the one on the lef
  12. Thanks SO much everyone, this is incredibly helpful!!! He's doing really good actually. Only mild purging but his skin looks better already. Something about not being so oily makes his skin tone seem more even. I was hesitant about Accutane but I'm coming around...hard not to when I see his skin changing this fast. Thanks again everyone.
  13. Thanks for posting this! I'm really happy about that because that's the dosage my son is taking.
  14. My son just started taking Accutane (20mgs) and it's been a few days and he's feeling really optimistic. If it's not asking too much, what are some helpful products for those of you who have been on Accutane? Also, he will be on this medication for a long time (more than 6 months) and I was wondering if he has to worry about acne while he is on the medication? Some of the products he was told to use seem very thick and emollient...seem like they would be counterproductive, you know? He's alrea