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  1. day 64 been feeling pretty down and unmotivated recently dont know if its the drug or what but I have so much stuff to do so need to sort myself out! skin is looking better slowly, feels much smoother too! not much else to add just a short update to keep this thing up, past the halfway mark so its all downhill from now on
  2. day 49 Been smoking a lot of weed recently, plus some trippy drugs the other day which maybe i shouldntve done when on roaccutane, had me a little worried and made the trip less fun but oh well. Also in the past 2 weeks i've had a few beers (4 pints at most in one evening), doesn't seem to have had a detrimental affect on my skin though, cant speak for the liver but all feels ok physically touch wood! Skin-wise, I haven't broken out recently, I think maybe it's improved but nothing amazingly
  3. day 34 acne has kind of gotten a little worse recently. Got a small cyst on my cheek, and skin is looking pretty red... must be all this exam stress! Played football a couple times and ached reallllly badly after it, also ached after just doing pressups and situps, but its bearable not much more to add right now.
  4. Well it did definately get worse after it got better.. But i put that down to the IB of roaccutane, probably a combination. When i was sunburnt my skin was just immensely dry, like even moisturiser didn't get rid of the dryness so i guess thats why it cleared up because very little oil was being produced. It makes sense though, sunburn really dries your skin so after it goes your body has to work overtime to rehydrate it by producing sebum or whatever, so you breakout again after the sunburn
  5. day 20 Skin hasn't gotten noticably better but it hasn't gotten worse either! it's good not to have that crap feeling in the morning when you can FEEL you've broken out, just puts a downer on the whole day! Gonna organise a blood test I think because noone seems to know where the results of my initial one have gone lol =/ Got so much to do in the next month or two aswell, job interviews, 2nd year uni exams, i guess picked the wrong time to do this drug Just wanta get it over with though!
  6. hey simo, im sure your initial breakout will calm down now your body is adjusting to the drug! My acne was pretty bad (dunno if u call it cystic or nodular) + a lot of redmarking before i started... but actually the week before i was due to start i got realllly bad sunburn on holiday and after the sunburn went my skin looked 10 times better! (not clear obviously)... that said i dont recommend getting sunburn to fix it lol . I generally get it around my jawline and mouth/chin, forehead and chee
  7. thanks daren day 14 - 2 weeks 2 Week mark and i'm not dead yet Bit worried cos i can't get hold of the initial blood test results but i feel well enough so i dont think the drug is having any bad reactions on my liver or anything. Lips are a little uncomfortably dry, face is dry round my mouth/the edge of my nose but nothing moisturiser can't fix. Haven't broken out for the past few days and skin is looking a little calmer after the IB! Felt pretty depressed a couple days ago but forced
  8. gz on the 1month mark you seeing much notable improvements yet compared to when you started? gl with it anyway, 3rd time lucky +2 =P
  9. day 11 think the initial breakout has hit. 4 new whiteheads, not too painful though.. not like i havent had a breakout before! Skin feels pretty tight but not unbearable by any means, skin hasnt been that dry either. Lips are pretty dry, but not dry to the point they bleed like other people say :S hope its actually working =X gonna try and stay positive as long as the end result is good i'll endure whatever happens through it!
  10. day 8 lips have been a little dry, nothing extreme or painful though, skin hasn't been particularly dry so far either. broke out 2 pretty painful spots under my nose today, again nothing too bad! When do the proper side effects normally kick in?? also is eucerin 5% urea moisturiser OK to use on accutane? or if not then cetaphil spf15? cheers!
  11. day 4 broke out a little just left of my mouth today, probably because i only washed my face with water as i was too tired when i got in last night... also forgot to take yesterdays tablets till 1am this morning =X. No signs of side effects yet, fingers crossed it doesn't worsen too much!
  12. cheers! day 3 not a lot different to report.. played football and am kind of achey in one leg but thats probly nothing to do with the drug, done a total of 120mg now.. guess it starts to kick in in a few days time!
  13. oh forgot, 'regimen' thing: nivea soap and fragrance free facewash + eucerin 5% urea morning and night. nothing too complicated, I reckon its better to not put too much crap on my skin while its gone be in such a fragile condition! also considering getting vitamin E supplements but i've heard mixed reviews so i'll wait and see how the side effects hit me.
  14. Started taking roaccutane today 60mg per day (3 x 20mg), took my first 3 with food tonight, I really duno whether its better to take it morning or evening so i just went for evening cos i eat a better meal at night than at breakfast! The derm consultant said to take it with milk so i guess i ll do that in future too. This log is mainly to help me track my own progress but maybe it'll be helpful to be others once im finished (if i make it through alive ), but before that I have a few questio