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  1. daew- can i use this copper cream even if im not doing a needling or dermastamp/rolling regimine? will it help (im doing tca crosses)?
  2. ok so you guys think its not that big of a deal right? and that i should give it time? it will work?
  3. Hi guys. I had my first TCA CROSS done by the famous amazing dr. lam two months ago. I haven't moticed a difference yet. I will be going again in a few months but I just wanted to know how long does it usually take to see a difference? Is it normal that i have seen no change yet?
  4. hi, ok so I live in LA and i did some board searches on this board and read about dr. sire any updates or thoughts?
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a good doctor to perform subcision on my acne scars... I live in southern california but i can go anywhere in california. anyone recommend anyone ?
  6. im living in los angeles and looking for someone in this general area (or even norther california) to help with my scarring issues. i have moderate icepick and rolling scars... just looking for someone who has had some positive experience in california
  7. http://ezinearticles.com/?How-Enzymes,-Lec...ne&id=33568 "Systemic Enzymes If you have scars or pockmarks that have recently occurred from acne, you may be able to clear them by using a product called Vitalzym. You’re not going to hear this from your doctor or dermatologist, but systemic enzymes, such as serapeptase, which is found in Vitalzym, can remove excess fibrin, which makes up scar tissue that forms acne pockmarks. Systemic enzymes have a different function from digestive enzym
  8. does anyone in los angeles or southern california do skin needling? i have the same scars please hepl
  9. do doctors/derms/surgeons do this? i want to get it done but not do it to myself (I dont trust myself)