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  1. My hair is drying out very badly! It feels so rough, and I've tried several different conditioners and shampoos. Also, my hair keeps breaking and falling out. This is my third month, and it hasn't gotten beter yet. I don't remember my hair drying out this badly during my first course, but I've heard it's natural.
  2. Um...I didn't think it mattered when you took it or what you took it with. I've been on Accutane before and I always take it with whatever -- which is usually just a glass of water. Accutane seemed to work fine with me.
  3. Welll....I haven't had any new breakouts. but yeah...I don't think there's a link between the two.
  4. Cold sore are very common. I had one last week. Carmex should clear it right up.
  5. I always thought if you had extra pills that it was to hold you over until you got your next prescription since you can't always get in to the derm. when you need to. But at any rate, this doesn't sound good -- taking more than the prescriped dose. Sounds like your gambling your health, and it's not worth that.
  6. Thanks. I know. I'm used to having a tan by this time of year.
  7. I just realized today that my nose and right below my eyebrows are bright red. Apparently I've gotten sunburned. Funny, because 1. I haven't been in the sun very long at all and 2. I've been wearing sunscreen (okay, so it's makeup with spf, but I figured that'd be enough since I didn't wear anything last time I was on Accutane and I never got sunburned). It looks terrible. My skin tone is all uneven.
  8. Or the "what's wrong with your face" comment. What annoys me the most is when people start giving me advice on how to "fix" my acne. My bosses at work told me that I should stop eating meat, drink more water, and not drink coffee. That's what's causing my acne. I tried to tell them I drink water, I rarely even drink coffee, and I don't over-eat red meat, but they insist they know what they're talking about. They don't understand that my acne is not the typical breakout you see. That I have sev
  9. I pay $30.00 for the Derm. visit (Cigna). I guess the blood tests are just included in that co-pay.
  10. You know, I didn't even notice my hair falling out while I was on Accutane the first time. But months afterwards, it became more apparent to me and I didn't know why it was falling out. I didn't even connect it to Accutane until last year. It really pisses me off. I get tired of hair being on the floor every time I take a shower. And I also fear that so much will fall out, that you will eventually be able to notice that my hair is falling out. Ugh. There's always a price...
  11. I took Accutane two years ago and when I stopped taking it up until the present, my hair was falling out. Granted, my hair is so thick that you can't tell my hair is falling out. But when I look on the floor or after I run my hands through my hair, I see strands of hair that has fallen out. So for me (and for lots of others) this is a permanent side effect (well, at least a side effect that has lasted two years).
  12. My skin has gotten especially oily since I started Accutane. My face has been shining and almost blinding people. I was wondering if this was a side effect anyone had/has? I can't remember my skin being this oily the first time I took Accutane.
  13. I was on a 6 mo. cycle and my acne was gone for almost two years.
  14. I have used Cetaphil a little bit, but I don't really like it. It works and all, but I prefer Dove for sensitive skin. It should be fine, though. Just more expensive.