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  1. Whats your problem m8.I came to these forums for help, not to be annoyed by an ignorant happyflowers such as yourself. I no what i have and it sure aint herpes. brah
  2. no its not and std, its a condition which around 30 - 40 percent of guyz get. Im sure there are others on this forum
  3. I have what is know as forcye spots on my shaft and a mild case of pearly penile papules. It there anyone out there that knows how to get rid of these thing, because it seroiuly effects my sex life. Thankyou
  4. OK today my mom booked an apoitment for a facial and its gunna hurt like a bitch but after she squezzes everything what should at home to help stop them from coming back
  5. soy broke me out big time , just one scoop a day. But i can take 2 scoops of omitumum gold standard whey protein and never break out
  6. Use any of the gold standard protein shakes from optimum , thats the only whey protein shake that doesnt break me out. It tasts good aswell
  7. quick question - i have the dial soap (spring water) and its active ingredient is TRICLOCARBAN and i have the showger dial wich has - Tricloson 0 .15% WHICH 1 SHOULD I USE ?!?!?!?!
  8. finally something that seem to be working for body acne , ive been using head and shoulders but its not working anymore so its time to try this .
  9. Hey acne.org friends my aim this summer is to gain weight. And i am a 'hardgainer' so im looking into weightgainers. My question will they cause breakouts or worsen my acne and can u recommend any good brands. Thanks alot
  10. pasta can cause breakouts just get organic thats what i have and it never breaks me out, and swap the milk for rice milk or summing
  11. Ive been using Head and Shoulders(classic Clean ) for some time now and it has been working. However its effectivness is starting to not work and i can see acne coming back on my chest and arms and getting worse on my back. What do i wash with now ( i only used h and s as a body wash nothing else ) Thanks