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  1. Hi, I was wondering how much accutant you were taking? My son was on 20 for 1 mo. then went to 40 and his bacne got 50% worse REALLY bad He had to go off ( bleeding after showers he had to wait 30-45 min to put a shirt on for fear of stains!.... anyway this was a year ago he stillhas the red marks thay are just now begining to fade. The problem remains with the neck though and He wants to go back on the accutane w/ small dose 20mg. The Dr. told us the accutane brings out everything under the s
  2. my son went to derm today.. he said he was very sensitive to the accutane and had him stop. He has really bad back acne and was taking 40 mg .It really did a number on his backand neck.severe boils and cysts that would bleed and oze The doc said the tane was doing its job to well and he needed to clear that up with domeboro compress then go ack on 20 mg every other day. anyone else have anything like this?? thanks
  3. Hi all My son has been taking accutane and is into the 4th month (100 Days) there is no improvement at all. In fact it is 30-50% worse. This is all back and neck acne with a few around the mouth area. It is so bad it bleeds after showering. What is up with the healing process for some of this acne. It is like bumps with fluid underneath that dry up and leave the skin above then that comes off and it is an open sore. Sorry this sounds so gross. He goes back to the derm this week. The last time t
  4. Hey thanks for the replys. Does anyone else get the really big acne on the neck?? My son always looks like he has a stiff neck the way he turns because of the pain? He has grown his hair really long to cover it. Now he also breaks out on forehead I dont know if that is from accutane or from the hair.
  5. Hi , I am writing for my 13 yr old son his back acne has gotten 10 times worse on accutant. 40 mg a day about 6 weeks in. He wants to give up . Neck acne is so sore and the bank turn to scabs that ooze and leak after showering is this normal??
  6. cannot afford accutane from pharmacy here in US. My Doctor gave me a script to get it where I want just need to make monthly visits with him
  7. Has anyone purchased accutane from here?? Good results any Bad?? My Doc says buying online can be risky.They may "doctor" the pills. Has anyone had any experiences??
  8. I read here you can get accutane at costco. For alot less the a reg. Pharmacy. Anyone know about it?? I looked at their site and they do not list accutane
  9. Also to whoknows how long were those kids on accutane?? thanks for your reply I was worried he was to young.
  10. My son inherited the problem from me and I from my father. It seems to be worse each generation or it could be he is much more into sports(hockey) than I was. I suffered with it for many years. No swimmming without a shirt on.(back acne) and some on face. I am 42 now and STILL break out!! I know how he feels.So he will begin accutane this month O:) Thanks for your replys. Oh ya The Doc put him on 20mg 2 wks then to 40 then to 60 he is 118 lbs 5'4 does that sound ok???
  11. My son is 13 and has had acne for 5yrs. A year ago he started getting it really bad on his back and neck in the back area. The doctor gave us a scrip for accutane but I am very hesitant about giving it to him. He really wants to take it. Has anyone heard of taking it that young?? I also was planning on getting it thru planet drugs direct it comes from New Zeland we caanot afford it here in the US ......thanks
  12. Have No drug plan. How safe is buying online? any recommended safe sites? Anyone had good results? thanks for the info!!