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  1. YUCK ive been on accutane for 10 days now and i can see my IB happning. its discusting. so many new types of acne everywhere! its killing me! not only does it make me look disgusting, it feels so annoying and tingly!!! hopefully it starts to stop soon so accutane can start working its magic! y does life have to be so hard?? matt
  2. hey everyone thanks for all the reassuracne matt
  3. Hi I am currently on 40mg per day of accutane. my derm has said to stay this low for 2 months, then he'll up it to 60mg. my only concern is that i am quite big, weighing nearly 200 pounds. will 40mg have any effect on me? i have been on it for a week and have experienced no side effects yet? thanks, matt
  4. Hi. Use shampoo and conditioners that are made for dry and damaged hair. - Garnier makes some fantastic moisturising ones, as well as Dove. If your scalp starts to flake, use neutrogena Tgel. Cheers, Matt.
  5. Thanks for all your helpfull advice. I think I'll go for the electric shaver since it doesn't casue as much irritation. Which electric shavers would you recommend out of the Braun or Phillips range? Would something like the Synchro or 360 complete be ok? Or ones that have like 3 shave things like Phillips Sensotec? Do I add any thing on my face like water when using the electric shaver??? Thanks, Matt. ps. sorry for being a pain.
  6. hey the MINIMUM is 6-12 months, but the longer the better;so your skin can regain its density. if you do scar treatment procedures to early, they can cause more harm than good. matt
  7. it varies from person to person, as it depends on weight, severity etc. matt
  8. hey dude thats looking AWESOME well done matt
  9. Hey. Ive heard that as soon as you stop taking accutane, the side effects start wearing off immediatly. The dry lips, nose etc should start to go away even less than a week since you stop. Im guessing your face will start to become less dry as soon as you stop, and go back to normal after a month or so. Matt.
  10. Hi everyone. Just wondering which manual razors you guys use. I have severe acne and wondering which one is gentle and will not irritate my skin futher, Thanks guys. Matt
  11. Hi Roaccutane is also the name used in Australia, as well as other European countries as well. Matt