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  1. The main issue I have with acne is that it doesn't go hand in hand with this idea I have of my own inherent self, which is a product of my ego, I guess. How others perceive me often takes a back seat.
  2. I hear ya. No real friends here. I've actually always had fairweather friends that I've kept becuase of our matching sense of humor. We always showed this effortless casual apathy towards each other despite remaining friends for such a long time, and having some pretty fucking good times. I really resent them now, and I also myself for not finding new friends so I can tell these guys to fuck off once and for all. It wouldn't effect them much though, they'd probably just laugh about it. Not tell
  3. Oh lord, the car mirror... HOW can I look like SUCH A MESS in those mirrors yet look 100% clear in others?! Bloody hell.
  4. Love is emotion. Emotion doesn`t care for reason. It`s just there, and boy, do people ever take notice! Young people think about looks and relationships all the time it seems. They`re just so consumed by it all. Sure, it must feel reassuring to know someone out there likes you. But when exactly did we forget that most things in this world are much more interesting than simply being accepted by some crush your hormones create? I'm sorry, but most crushes and love (that's right, I dare question
  5. Pimples - 15 Acne - 16 Horrific sunburn in a failed attempt to hide ongoing acne resulting in worse acne - 17 21 and clear... unless you get really close up. Accepted it.
  6. I never feel lonely anymore. Felt lonely as a kid often times, but no more. Probably has to do with my "creative" imagination, the internet, and overall dislike of many a folk my age. I remember relying on friends to be around for me to feel that my days were complete... glad that's over. I only get stirred up when hearing people who are almost always with their friends talking about how they feel alone because they've got different classes on Mondays or whatever. Cry me a river.
  7. For me, it's all about winning, with the most rewarding victories usually involving hockey games with my friends as opponents. I just get a real kick out of getting the better of people I interact with the most. I know. Some ugly, brutal honesty there... Then there's the hard earned money I've saved up throughout the last 3 years, which I wouldn't say makes me feel good so much as it just helps me from feeling totally worthless. That's all I have, really. Everything else that makes me feel
  8. Nothing wrong with observing, it's when people let their hormones dictate how they treat others that unfairness arises. This may be somewhat of a generalization, but from my experiences of interacting with them, I find that the 'blond bombshell' types' personalities tend to come off in a very ugly/lazy manner. Mosy likely because guys are often telling them how WONDERFUL they are despite not having lift a finger to deserve the compliment. Goes straight to their head, from what I've seen. I'm n
  9. Ok, I assume that I'm a very special case... Before I begin, please don't misinterpret me as another on of those "freaks out over a pimple" people. Couldn't be further from the truth. The beginning of my story may lead you to believe otherwise, but do read on until the bitter end... Haven't really had distance-noticable acne since 2002, but for the past 5 years, despite my skin looking healthy in all places, there are times, usually during daytime on bright days, that I'll whip out the small f