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  1. So I bought Jessner peel online. It is clear liquid and I told my sister this is going to be good. But my sister bought one has some kind a powdery and she said she got a lot of improvement, but I didn't get any. So I tried her instead..Oh my god I really got a lot of improvement. Is this just illusion or something? I'm scared this is just temporary only. Does any one has improvement from jessner peel?
  2. My sister she is taking dermatology class in med school and she told me her prof told her the way she use retin A is wrong. She need to put the retin A a lot on her face and need to finish a tube in a week? Ehm for me that sound a lot. Any comment???
  3. I tried Julie robins TCA Latte works good on me. My shallow scar getting better and the scar on the left cheek use to be deeper than the one on the right. I tried Retin-a but never got improve, but TCA latte make my scar look so much better. I don't know what she put on that cream. I don't care but it works and no down time. I didn't put it overnight, but until my scars look so red and then I put Alba botanica kelp renewal cream plus neosporin. I just bought revive samples from ebay I will try
  4. About the TCA 100% I'm thinking about diluted to at least 35%. I don't think I need high dose of TCA. I just need to make my scar a little bit red so I can put the egf cream, and my scar is not that bad mostly shallow, but the lighting sometimes can make my scar look bad. Long time ago, I got my dermatologist did phenol test 1 or 2 scar, wasn't that good for me, but for sure my skin is really tough, 15% TCA just sting a little and did nothing, but Julie TCA Latte though was really make my skin
  5. The 100% I will use it sparingly on the bad scar only. Other than that I will to do it once a month on the 15% to see if is that going to work.
  6. So once a month, maybe I'm too agressive want to get rid of my scar. How long did you put it on for the 20%? for the 15% I put it on for 3minutes maybe too short? Also I just bought 100% TCA bettercomplexions. Has anyone have experience buying from this seller since the 100%TCA just $16???Is this real? Also someone mention EGF cream after peeling? I went to Revive web site and get their free samples. I hope that will work good for my skin.
  7. I have TCA 15% done myself. Nothing happen to me. My skin just peel a litte bit but doesn't burn at all. I'm using retin-a almost for 3 years untill i decided to go with TCA. After TCA I put Alba Botanica cream something with the kelp since I can't afford cream delamer Does anyone know if I can peel my skin often with TCA 15% or even 25% like 3 times a week? and when can I use my retin A after the treatmeant. My skin seems no response to TCA maybe because I use Retin-A 0.1 for years?
  8. Maybe you should try the Microdermabrasion Cream from starlet I tried and my scar have been improve a lot about 30%. I also try their blemish gel too and I like it. I dab it at night and most of the time my pimple gone by morning, but I don't have a lot of pimple just one or two. The microdemabrasion cream I got it from here (www.starletenterprise.com/derma.html)
  9. How about amatokin is cheaper. I think
  10. jjp007 how is the result from fraxel? I'm a little bit worry want to go on fraxel, My scar is not that bad, i'm not sure it is worth it or not
  11. Is the Fraxel 2 and SR 1500 are the same?
  12. They are the only place that do fraxel 2
  13. I called DR. Zimmerman office in Folsom. They do Fraxel 2. They said they are the only place in sacramento, but I don't know. I'm going for consultation first, but little bit nervous
  14. sailette123, Can I get your dr office name and number? Yeah I did call them, they were all seems confused. Did you get a good result? how many treatment did you do?