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  2. Day Thirty-One ONE MONTH!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! i must say it's gone somewhat quickly, thank god. to honor the occasion, i will put up some progress pics shortly... once i get through the rest of my finals, that is. i'm graduating from law school on friday and i am STRESSED OUT... mainly because my mom is driving me INSANE with the details... but there is also the fact that i am just now STARTING my last take-home final. too bad my mom doesn't even care about that. she thinks that good grades ju
  3. Day Twenty-Nine Went to the pharmacy again yesterday to pick up the prescription for month #2! I've put it off until day #7 because I've been dreading going to that pharmacy again. I think I described it before, but basically they have a whole AUDITORIUM where people wait for their number to be called, first to DROP OFF their prescription, and then AGAIN to pick it UP! Pure agony. Not to mention that the whole auditorium kind of smells... people bring their lunch or dinner while they sit th
  4. hey! i'm only on my fourth week, but haven't experienced anything like that. keep talking to your derm... hope you feel better!
  5. Day Twenty-Six all still going well. started to notice that most of my skin does seem to be drying up and healing over, which is fantastic. it looks a little better, minus the scabbiness (no, i am not as good at the not touching as i should be... tsk tsk...) and i'm realllly hoping that the color will start to even out and not be so splotchy. despite most things beginning to look like they're healing over, i have a brand new welt on the right side of my chin that is really like five cysts
  6. Day Twenty-Four Had my month 2 dermatologist appointment the other day - joy! It really WAS quite a relief to go knowing that my co-pay was only going to be $3, though, AND there was the fact that i even saw my own dermatologist! thank god SOMETHING finally worked out. now i just have to figure out how the hell to fill my prescription in the next three days so i don't get booted out of the whole retarded ipledge system. this is somewhat difficult since i have a final tomorrow, and a whole b
  7. Day Fourteen two weeks down, and so to honor the day we have PICTURES! these were taken about a week in, so there really hadn't yet been much change. fun stuff.
  8. Day Thirteen ah, lucky thirteen. almost two weeks done with this stuff and i'm still breaking out. alas. oh well, only five and a half months to go, it's got to be better by then! my lips are sooo chapped. i basically can't go without chapstick at all. eating is getting to be somewhat of a problem because by the time i've finished eating, i've wiped off most of the chapstick and it is starting to be painful to open my mouth. however, in my opinion, eating with chapstick on (or lipstick