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  1. Hi there ! I've been on accutane for 6 month and now im like 1 month and half post-tane and I still got red marks butt they are slowly fading away... and yess when you are on tane they are worst :S !
  2. OH MY GOD !!! I Can't believe it ! Wow congratulationnn it's awsome !! Accutane did miracle for me and im happy to see other people that is working for !!
  3. Hey everybody !!! It been a long time I came here !! My story started 6 months ago , my acne was moderate to severe... I had some big cyst and I was really not feeling good in my skin... I was hiding my face everywhere I go... It was horrible... Then , my derm prescribe me accutane without even trying oral antibiotic. I was on Clindoxyl Gel , and this crapy gel mess up all my face... and Stieva-A shit... Whatever... At the beginning , Accutane made me break out a lot !! My face was a crapy re
  4. Don't worry , Day 104 for me and I still have ton of redmarks... on my second and my third month I got a lot more red marks and my skin was smoothhh... without redmarks my skin was perfect... no pimple at all , very very smooth and nice... Now it better... It take time you'll have to wait seriously...
  5. Hey guys !! Im living in Montreal and I was actually looking for Aquaphor thing that seems to work for everybody... But I didn't find it... Do you guys know where exactly I have to go to find it ? Or it not sale in Canada? Im actually on my day 40 on accutane !! Thankss guyss!!
  6. I just want to tell you that it the same thing for me !!!! My face is getting much better ( Day 35 ) but my back and my chest is breaking out real bad again... In the begginning my face was horrible after my face got better and now my back and cheat is breaking out... it kind of weird but i don't know... But I think you preferer to have a better face before a better back and chest
  7. It depend where you live... Here in Canada ( Quebec ) it free because the governement pay for it.. but it something like 140$( Canadian ) a month for me ( 60 mg ) ... But like I said here it free
  8. Non , c'est moi-même qui va chercher mes prescriptions pis cest la carte soleil qui couvre sa... jtel jure jsuis sur a 100% c'est gratuit ek ta carte d'assurance maladie
  9. Tu vas être probablement obliger d'utiliser une lotion hydrante... jte conseille fortement Cetaphil que jaime bien... Si ta des questions ou des soucies a propos du traitement tu peux me adder sur msn sans probleme !! En pensant on est chanceux ici au québec le gouvernement paye accutane a 100% !!! Fak ta la chance d'avoir un bon traitement gratuit !!
  10. I actually got a IB on my Day 5... but I used a little bit of BP to calm it down and it seem that it worked a bit.. but not at 100% ... You can try it out but you need to moisture your skin if you want to do that
  11. Je vais mettre des photos jen ai pas mais je vais en prendre pis toute facon je voulais voir mon amélioration de mois en mois... Pour ce qui est de l'été ouais c'est vrai que sa fait un peu chier ! :S Je sais pas si t'es de montréal .... mais ici ya quelques jour faisait comme 25 pis jtai dehors toute la journée pis javais de la creme solaire juste dans la face... pis mes rbas pis mon cou ont bruler en crisss c'est vraiment intense pis sa comme faite deux plaie genre comme si jaurais tombe
  12. There is maybe 50% of chance of getting it... Actually It doesnt really hurt when your doing sport it only like when you move fast... I don't really know how to explain but it not that bad if you get it... I am playing hockey on ice and im alright no prob with that don,t worry...
  13. You look like somebody who bought accutane from the internet... anyways you should listen to your derm and follow what he/she said... But I think that 160 mg/ day is WAY too much for a Human .
  14. Same thing happenned to me... Put today I asked my derm to wrote a paper to my teacher that I can't swim ... I think it the best idea