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  1. has anyone bought or used the Dermatron Skincare System? I was thinking of purchasing it, but I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with it. here's what the ad description says: The Dermatron Skincare System provides a safe, painless solution for pimples, blackheads and skin blemishes. Dermatron is based on the "micro-current" technology used in high end beauty salons in Europe to treat face skin problems - particularly spots and blemishes associated with acne. This unique d
  2. i just found your thread and posted a topic very similarly: too much testerone from bodybuilding i have the same problem you do and i just learned it was from working out. what happens: when we work out we break down our muscles and our body produces testosterone to help muscle recovery. however testosterone is a leading cause for acne! unfortunately some people produce more testosterone or are more sensitive to it. there is a prescription you can take to balance or control the amount of
  3. does anyone know any holistic hormone balancers for men? if there's a liquid herb that would be awesome! i know they have them for women. can men take them? would it benefit a dude? recently a friend told me her boyfriend was having cystic acne caused by a surplus of testosterone generated from bodybuilding everyday. he's taking a prescription to balance out his hormones, and his acne has cleared since taking the prescription. my trainer has me on weights six days a week. so my testos
  4. Thanks for the comment =) btw the poem..I didnt write it lol..but yeah I think its cute and has great meaning.

  5. i like your poem "girls are like apples" its cute! especially with the tree shape :)

  6. yeah and i've been laying out in the sun too which is probably doing more damage than the breakouts.. i'm supposed to avoid rigorous sun.. and i laid out a couple times already for like 5 hours.. and the sun intensifies the red marks.. but thats just how life goes..
  7. Hey on your left side picture, is that redmarks or brownmarks? I noticed just a couple of pimples there but is that area where it looks red/brownish hyperpigmentation? I am askign this because I look similar to you on my left sides of the face. I'm confused if thats red or brown marks. its a faded red
  8. yeah i mentioned before that i was having new breakouts
  9. here are the updated pictures as of 5/21/07.. sorry it took so long left side http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e328/JJe...eforeafter2.jpg right side http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e328/JJe...eforeafter2.jpg
  10. no negative side-effects.. and i just took new pictures today! and you know what i was really impressed! my skin didn't look as bad as i thought! anyway i'll post the new pictures today or tomorrow.. i've been moving into a new aprartment all week and work is just piling up.. so i'll do a new before and after set :chuck:
  11. what do you mean by inbetween the lasers? i went back on my glycolic scrub two weeks after my treatment well im sure i will need more than 1 treatment of vbeam to get the results i want, so dont they space the lasers out a couple weeks? could i use glycolic acid inbetween the sessions? my derm is spacing my treatments out a couple months.. mainly because i had a deep levulan peel.. and it removed my epidermal skin layer.. but if you're just getting vbeam alone i think you can use
  12. what do you mean by inbetween the lasers? i went back on my glycolic scrub two weeks after my treatment
  13. yeah i hope you have good results.. take before and after pictures.. so you can see the improvement.. i forget how much improvement i've had..
  14. i hate getting so high that i see how ugly i am.. thats good that you're looking at it as a motivator for improvement.. don't let it get you down.. there's always room for improvement.. you just have to be willing to notice and accept the improvements.. i think you should do vbeam.. and i'm telling you that levulan peel made a big difference.. i mean i could've just had the vbeam alone and stopped there.. but i took it a step further and had a levulan peel on top of the vbeam.. don't jus
  15. if you're underage i think you need parental consent.. there was a liability consent form i had to initial off in case the procedure went wrong so i wouldn't be able to sue them.. if you're underage and in america you need parental approval for everything