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  1. i heard its gd to acne prone..... did anyone tried it???? is it gd and not greasy??? it labeled oil-free and frangrance-free
  2. i was usin MORNING 1.complex 15 moisture face cream 2finacea 3,sunblock(all sunblock broke me out) AFTERNOON 1,complex 15 2,Finacea AT NIGHT 1,COMPLEX 15 2,TAZORAC everyday i keep this cycle.....i found out after i used tazorac 2 month my face just RED RED RED i am tryin to reduce doseage of tazorac maybe apply once in every 3 day and add finacea at night i just dont wanna my face so red... but i dont wanna quit tazorac is this method work??
  3. taz will help with the taz breakout let it go enjoy ur life
  4. i am doing wt u say but i apply finacea twice ...in morning and reapply in afternoon at night i use tazorac Finacea wont prevent breakout tazorac does
  5. i'm usin 20% skinoren.....bought in hongkong creamy...i tried finacea for 1 week ///it worked awesome skinoren i used 3 days....pretty gd and i think azelaic acid works...not the brand or difference with gel cream but i like finacea better....gel but my insurance do not cover...it cost me $100 USD cutacelan,skinoren,finacea----these 3 stung my skin...i think bez of azelaic acid..s so i think these 3 are smiliar.... http://www.azelaic-acid.
  6. i TRIED eurin extra protective for sensitive skin spf 30 for whole week..7days (broke me out) i used Neutrogena Ultar Sheer Dry-touch sunblock spf 55 with helioplex 2 days....pop out a little bit whiteheads and i feel dryness....... wt is the next BEST sunscreen???? i heard about skinceutials....spf20..... I need a sunscreen that is oil-free and wont break me out i was pretty sure neutrogena one wont....but it does...... wasted money and i give it 2 more day to try.... i just used small amoun
  7. morning 6:45am 1,wash with dans cleansing 2,apply skinoren (Azelacic acid 20%) 3,neutrogena dry touch sheer spf 55 afternoon 12:00 pm 1,wash with dans cleansing (because my sunscreen is waterpoof...hard to rub off i think) 2,apply skinoren again 3,reapply neutrogena dry touch sheer spf 55 again AT night 7:00 pm 1, after shower 2, dans cleansing 3, complex 15 face cream (just tried it one day..hope it wont break me out) 4, tazorac 0.1% cream ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a cycle
  8. what? spf 30/45 is not oil free and not protect from uva? i'm using spf 45 now and it says uva/uvb protection and on the back it says it's non-comedogneic, oil free.. i didnt see oil-free labeled.....just non-oily 30/45 doesnt hv Helioplex...but hv Parsol 1789... both 30/45/55/70 has ingredients AVOBENZONE but i heard about helioplex makes AVOBENZONE more stable.... 30/45 one.....not stable to protect UVA....after 1-2 hour it dont hv much protection to UVA anymore
  9. is it Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)??? it doesnt say...unlike 30/45... 30/45 IS NOT OIL-FREE....NOT protect from UVA... but neutrogena 55 doesnt say its Non-comedogenic but on internet it does...(amazon,drugstore) it also has Fragance.....why...i dont get it
  10. i found out a oil-free physical sunscreen spf30+ from skinceuticals transparents...and non-whitening... sounds gd but expensive...and i dont know will it break me out another chemical sunscreen........neutrogena dry-touch sheer spf 55 sounds gd...wont break me out but its chemical sunscreen which willl be better if i am on regimen...tazorac+finacea
  11. which skinceuticals sunscreen is good??? I notice that is NOT non-comedogenic why??? because it is transparent gel?? will it cause breakout?? I am lookin for one of the skinceuricals sunscreen that is non-greasy...light....WONT CAUSE BREAKOUTS i am currently on regimen tazorac+finacea..... should i use chemical or physical sunscReen???