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  1. It doesn't matter as long as she can pull it off.
  2. Reppin' the medium buildZ up in hurrrr! 6'3", 200lbs. Not even close to being skinny, fat or muscled haha!
  3. Judging from the pic on your profile you're not even straying close to being ugly or unattractive so what seems to be the problem!?
  4. It doesn't apply to acne but everytime I watch/hear it, it makes me feel fucking awesome!
  5. "did a complete 360." Haha, I had to laugh at that... On a more serious note you're gonna have to face the music in the end, right? You sound like a good bloke and I'd be letdown to hear her turning away just 'cause of the condition of your skin. Good luck, mate!!!
  6. Couldn't help but notice you said "stick his finger up his ass".. Now as kinky as that sounds, I'm curious to why you said "ass" instead of "arse"? You're from UK right? I thought people in the UK say "arse"? As in "stick his finger up his arse"? I kinda like the whole "arse" thing. Sounds cool. I can't wait to call someone an arsehole! PS: After reading the "best feeling ever" title, I expected a story about some sort of an amazing orgasm. To be honest, I'm a little bit dissapointed with t
  7. Things about my face I like -Bone structure -Hairline. Most of my friends have hairlines that are showing signs of receding but mine is badarse haha! -My eyes are ok but I honestly don't think they're anything special. I'm told I have a good smile but I think it's just pretty standard. -My lips are alright too. They're 'kinda big for a white guy' or so I'm told haha! Things I don't like about my face -The way my beard grows. It looks sooooooo stupid and I look like a prick with facial hair ha!
  8. "Sep 6th '88"

    W00t @ being a day older! (:

  9. That's a good question! Fish oil - £4.29 x 6 = £25.74 Minocycline - £0.00 x 8 = £0.00 Dan's Cleanser - £5 x 4 = £20.00 Dan's BP - £4.25 x 4 = £17.00 Organic Apple Cyder Vinegar - £1.40 x 6 = £8.40 This brings a total of about £71 which is just less than $140. I'm sure I've spent a little more but that would be on fairly cheap products that I tried once and scrapped due to them not working. Was that $140 worth it? I'd say it was. My acne is fairly controlled although it can rise a
  10. ^ Hahahah, great post to the fella above! I agree on all points besides the JD bit. Bugger that, he'll get you about 8 GREAT goals a season then fade away for the rest. Crouch, Rooney, Owen and Nugent all the way!