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  1. kt_a

    neck breakouts

    Neck breakouts - bleh. They drive me crazy. For me, I think that they are at least partly hormonal (I've been on loestrin fe 1/20 for 3 years, and it hasn't affected my acne at all) and partly due to irritation. I love scarves and turtlenecks, but I found if I don't wear them often, my neck is much happier. I think paying attention to diet and a combination of aha's and bha's has helped reduce my neck breakouts.
  2. kt_a

    Back to Basics

    It has been just about a year since I started developing my regimen. I remember thinking last March that I could be acne free by June...ha ha ha, not so much. However, I really am pleased with how far my skin has come since last January. I was looking at pictures taken of me from last Christmas morning '06. My skin was all blotchy with red welts and marks on my chin and cheeks. This Christmas through today, I feel my skin has maintained at 90-95% clear. Looking at my face today, I was th
  3. I agree. I think you could use some protein, especially if you are working out. Keep the fruit, but instead of cheerios and cornflakes you could try some oatmeal with ground flax seed and walnuts. That way you'll be getting more fiber and some omega 3's.
  4. kt_a

    Back to Basics

    You know, acne really kinda sucks. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I figure there's one or two people on this site that probably feel the same way I had these lovely three lumps on my chin and another four that formed on under my jaw and on my neck that started forming about Sunday/Monday. Thankfully they weren' t that large and the swelling is basically gone, but I'm still left with the marks. I think I'd much rather have white heads than the lumps. I have an awful tendency to wan
  5. kt_a

    Back to Basics

    Skin is still holding at 90-95% clear since 10-22 and the hyperpigmentation is fading nicely. I picked up some Yogi Tea - Peach Detox. It is certainly not something I use daily, but I'm wondering if it is having any affect on my skin. When I've not been so good at watching what I eat, that is when I tend to drink the tea. I got my new kabuki brush in the mail. It is so soft. I love it muchly. I doubt I'll ever go back to liquid foundation. Signature Minerals and Aubrey Nicole are just fa
  6. kt_a

    Back to Basics

    So I mentioned before that I had "fallen off the acne regimen wagon." What I forgot to mention was that I had basically given up the whole meditation thing even before that, with the exception of yoga class. My stress levels had been pretty crazy then, but I have done pretty well in getting it under control. And that, I think, has at least partly helped my skin. In addition to addressing my stressors, I've started using this relaxation cd. The first time I listed to it I remember thinking, "
  7. *wry* I just found a thread in the Year in Review post. But if anything has something they want to add, I'd like to hear it!
  8. (I didn't see anything, but if this topic has already been discussed, could someone point me in the right direction? thanx ) I was reading the beauty section of fitness magazine (Aug. 07) and saw a section on clear skin advice. One doctor interviewed said she recommends 6mg supplements of beta-carotene for her patients with mild acne or who do not want to use Accutane. "I like to call beta-carotene the everyman's Accutane, since both are high in vitamin A, a super exfoliator and antioxid
  9. kt_a

    Back to Basics

    Wow....it's been a really long time since I've posted. I wish I could say that I am clear, but I can't. For a while there I guess you could say I fell off the wagon. I wasn't drinking nearly enough water, my sugar intake was way too high, I was slacking on my exercise regimen etc, etc, etc. The only thing I kept up with was what I was putting on my face. Boy did I notice the difference in my skin, and as I'm sure you can guess, it wasn't a good difference. Since then, I've been much mor
  10. [because of the DSHEA of 1994] "Today, marketers of supplements are permitted to make practically any claim they want for the health benefits of their products; they may vary the ingredient contents of their products with impunity. They do not have to remove potentially harmful products from the market unless taken to court by the FDA, and they do not have to prove that their products bestow the benefits claimed for them. This remarkable situation is the result of the industry’s persiste
  11. Thanks for the help. I think I'll practice with something not permanent first but the highlights do look interesting. It's a good idea. Hmmm, I wonder if the application is pretty dummy-proof...I may just leave highlighting to the professionals!
  12. When I feel a pimple forming I'll ice it for a couple of minutes. It seems to help.
  13. L'oreal true match minerals? No. I've not tried that one, but I have tried their Bare Naturale mineral makeup. That one is okay. It covers pretty well but doesn't last the whole day. (at least for me it didn't)
  14. Thanks for the advice! vegmom02 - It was very helpful, thank you! I'll look for Colorspa next time I'm at Target. I'm excited to try it. Hopefully they have it. I'm not sure if we have Eckerd Drug here or not... sephora28 - Oh my! Very good to know. I don't think purple would be my color though I'd fit right in at work! My boss is going to be dying hers back to fire engine red. Siouxcat - Thanks for the advice; the less upkeep the better
  15. Okay, I admit it. I’m a product junkie. I hear the siren call of a new product or regimen that promises to work wonders and it often leaves me itching to try it. One of my goals has been to streamline my skin care regimen, and I have…to a degree, a small degree. (The biggest success I’ve had has been in not switching out products all the time.) My typical morning/evening routine consist of: 1. cleansing 2. toning 3. exfoliating 4. moisturizing 5. spot treating 6. and applying sunsc