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  1. I just ordered two more tubes of Dan's BP because I was running low. The problem is, I think I only have enough by left for 3 maybe 4 days. Last time I ordered it took 8 days to get here, i'm hoping in gets here within five, otherwise I don't know what to do. My face has cleared up so nicely and I can't afford to skip doses. Do you think I should lower the amount of BP i'm using to strech it out until the new arrives?
  2. Ever since i've been using the regimen, I get lots of whiteheads which I didn't get before. How long does it take for them to stop popping up? I'm on week 3 day 2 or something like that.
  3. How is your diet? If you are eating sugary foods and greasy foods, try and cut down. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and eat fresh vegtables and fruit. Should help some.
  4. You could try applying ice to it when you feel it forming.
  5. Okay, irratation and flaking have gone away, face is looking horrid pimple wise though. I've went back up to applying twice a day.
  6. Thanks you for your reply, i'm just so frustrated right now.
  7. I'm thinking of just stopping it completly. My face is red, irrated and peeling. If I saw improvement, i'd continue, but it doesn't seem to be and i'm on week 2.
  8. What are the worse side effects of accutane? I've heard nosebleeds and depressino but I can deal with that as long is it can't kill you lol.
  9. Okay, my face is looking pretty bad right now.
  10. I'm also drinking green tea and applying it to my face in the morning, not sure if it's helping yet, but it's not making it worse.
  11. Okay, I woke up with no new pimples or anything which hasn't happened in a long time. I drank alot of water before bed though.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. This morning I skipped and nothing new yet, i'll keep you posted.
  13. Has anyone tried only putting the regimen on at just night and not in the morning? If so, what were your results? I'm going to try it today, I hope I don't break out like crazy...
  14. How do I know if it's dried out? It feels tight but it's not flaky..
  15. EDIT: Nevermind, I thought the cleanser was a mosturizer... I do have a question though, is it okay not to mosturize?
  16. The day after I eat McDonalds, I get like 4 huge cysts.
  17. I've had pretty bad acne for about four years, the past 3 or 4 days I replaced drinking soda with water. I'm drinking tons of water a day and I haven't broken out since I started drinking it (normally I break out bad everyday). I also have been staying away from fastfood as that really makes me break out. It's hard to stay away from soda because I was really addicted to soda, it's getting easier now though. My question is, do you think water is all I needed? I ordered the DKR last friday, haven'