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  1. Have you consider makeup? If you are a guy, makeup on male is slowly becoming more and more accepted nowadays. Male actors and even male Youtubers apply some sort of makeup.
  2. The indentation is very very shallow, I could easily get rid of it right? Don't want to destroy your optimism, but it's usually very hard to achieve 100% normal (flat, 0% indention) skin. There are things that can make it better (less noticeable), but it will still be there. Just remember that you will critic your skin the hardest. Other people will usually not notice nor care as much since they have their own insecurity to worry about. Don't let a shallow indentation take over your life!
  3. If there is any sort of indentation, then its boxcar. If its just discoloring with no indentation, then its hyper pigmentation.
  4. Hi, I went to a consultant a few weeks ago and the doc suggested I get profractional laser for optimal result (60%-80%) or microneedling for 40-60% improvement. I have mainly box car scars and ice picks. I read the sticky-ed thread and asked her about tca cross and subcision. She said she wouldn't do tca cross for olive type skin because of pigmentation, and my scars weren't deep enough for subcision. She said subcision was for deep icepick scars (maybe a mistake of scar type?). Searching thr
  5. Yes, please make the video. It may be helpful for everyone to see the process/progress.
  6. Thank you for this! Keep us updated! I've been considering subcision myself.
  7. I have scars similar to this one: http://www.pimple.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Deep-scars-2.jpg . Mix of icepick, boxscar, and rolling.
  8. I had a lot of pitted acne scars on my temple and cheeks. The doctor I went to suggested sublative RF (ematrix) in the consultation and said I would see around 50% improvements over 3-4 treatments. I was hoping he would suggest a more invasive treatment like tca cross or subcision. He kept pushing and I gave in. I paid 1200 for 4 treatments. Over the past 6 months, and 3 treatments in, I saw no visible improvements and did not bother making the 4th appointment even though I paid for it. Last w