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  1. wow you are using way too many products. let your skin breath for once
  2. in my opinion, yes thats the root cause. something, somehwere is being irritated.
  3. So why does our skin need all these products to be healthy? In short, it doesn't. I really think that all these creams/topicals we apply to our faces only worsens the situation. These companies who make these "miracle products" know that it wont cure the problem, only minimizing it. In return, the customer feels that its working and when they run empty, they go and purchase more. BAM! more $$$. The cycle never stops and in the end the only thing you are left with is a blotchy, red and unhealth
  4. dont put any of these bullshit creams on your face! you think your skin really needs all these so called "vitamins"? all these things do is clog up your pores even more causing irritation which leads to more pimples. its a never ending cycle if you apply ANYTHING to your face. go the natural way. do nothing!
  5. why is this? does you skin look nearly 100% as soon as you wake up? mine does.
  6. So I'm watching the Olympics and I notice not ONE of the athletes has acne...they all have perfectly clear skin. Actually, anyone I know who plays a sport or is active all the time has pretty clear skin. coincidence? i think not. It's simple really. If your consistently exercising you WILL look better. 100% sure of it..your body as no other choice Just try it out. Run. Walk.. just do something and be consistent about it. I can guarantee results. Exercise will improve the fitness of your in
  7. wow. i thought i was the only one that this happened to. im the same way. very strange indeed....
  8. i just got both these products...hows it working for you aardvark?
  9. apple cider vinegar dries them up nicely. you may have some around the house. if not then you can use lemon juice.
  10. mario badescu healing cream. that is all. www.mariobadescu.com thank me later