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  1. Thank you SO much for responding and including photos that I know must have been daunting to add. You're skin has improved greatly and I am so pleased for you. However, it now transpires that my acne may be as a result of chronic candida and I am currently on supplements (including oregano oil) which seem to be working. Abstaining from anything sugary (including fruit for now) and adhering to a strict Anti-Candida Diet is also essential and I'm determined to enjoy the summer of 2017 with my skin
  2. Am so pleased I read your post as I wanted to try this option out. Sounds like it really worked out for you, congratulations ! I'm also suffering with hormonal acne and think that intestinal parasites could also be a factor. It's great that you've done the research and have recommended the brand that worked for you. Thanks for your helpful post.
  3. Pretty in Pink this maybe, but my face was anything but after using it..............................................

    Tried this just the once and did disliked it as much as my skin did. Applying just a pea sized amount to my damp face was enough to leave it extremely dry and irritated just a few minutes later. I am relieved that I did not use it more than once as I've had the same experience with other products and ignored the taut, dry feeling thinking the product must be working. For Neutrogena to state it this product is a daily addition to your skin routine is surprising. I have extremely oily skin yet it
  4. I have suffered with what I believe to be hormonal acne for the last 3 months but would love to have it confirmed by others if you think I'm right. I have reluctantly added a photo so that you can see exactly what I've been dealing with and why my daily VIt D has come from a supplement rather than going outside and baring my awful-looking face to the world. The breakouts are focused around my chin and jawline, get worse the week leading up to my period and can take weeks to disappear. Some of t
  5. 100% effective, 100% natural, 100% worth trying!

    This stuff has been a potent but definite Lifesaver for me. I have recently started suffering with what is now the most chronic onset of hormonal cystic acne on my jawline and chin area. Acne has been the bane of my life since 14 (now aged 38) but I have NEVER had the level of intensity or this type of acne until a few months ago. It has crushed my confidence and I only leave the house when I have to. I was worried about using 100% Tea Tree Oil neat. But my pain threshold is high and my skin ha
  6. OMG! I have to make this my first acne.org post as I'd hate for anyone to suffer when I might be able to prevent it. Am presently using magnesium oil spray from Holland & Barrett to help me sleep and have been following the directions as advised, spraying it 5-10 times on each thigh. As it states that it is suitable for all areas of your body, I though that I'd spray it on my upper chest area. The morning after, I've woken up to an erupting chest area, covered in red and inflamed whiteheads.
  7. Miracle Cream! Noticeabe Results After First Application!

    All I can say is that this product is amazing. I noticed the marks and active acne calmed down and noticeably faded after the FIRST time I used it. I applied it to the areas affected before I went to sleep and when I woke up, it was like 3 weeks had gone by. The marks were significantly faded and the sore spots had all calmed down. I have only been using this cream for 4 days but the results are better than other creams I have used for weeks. As with all acne creams, you must apply sparingly and