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  1. I am in the beautiful island of Kaua'i (Hawai'i) on vacation with my father, I have decided to view the skin conditions of the locals here and what they would use in treating skin conditions. From what I have noticed, there are no medical offices (non-holistic), however, there are many holistic offices. The locals here believe more in the spirituality of the earth around them and by all means will use the earth to heal any problem within the human bounds. I am in a little town named Kapa'a, th
  2. Don't put it on your body, if you don't put it in your body.
  3. I wish it was that easy. There is nothing you can do for hormones in the teen years. I have tried supplements with anti-androgynous properties (DHT). My father, who is a doctor, stated one must live through the process of high hormonal levels.
  4. The dermatologist on these forums indicated that sex would aid in healing acne because of decreased stress.
  5. 5-6 Times a week. Heavy Weightlifting, cardio for warmup. Moderate Acne. High metabolism. Workout: 1 hour 30 minute average. Also include swimming after workout in salt water.
  6. I went to Mothers for my probiotics. Name: Jarro-Dophilus EPS 4.4 billion organisms per capsule Enteric Coated Look in my signature.
  7. It's hard to determine actual time of a clog, to visible signs of a pimple. You'll notice some appear while you sleep and during the day. From what I have gathered here on org is: a single pimple, from the time of oil being clogged by dead skin cells to the inflammatory response of white blood cells, takes an estimated week. However, there are many other factors concerning the matter of actual visualization. The level of severity, cysts to palpules, differ in time. The location of the pimple
  8. Depends on the dermatologist. Some are nice and open, while others are stern and blunt. Let him know of your history with Differn and Bp, use all the terminology you want because it may just impress him/her. Ask any and all questions, tell him the diets you're on, along with general health concerns. Do not be shy about this, make him work for you, you're paying him after all.
  9. Yeah that seems too much. I stay one foot away from the light so I get a faint sense of heat. I wonder where wolfy went?
  10. Face is red, burning, and peeling from the Tazorac. Showing moderate improvements from the combination of beautyskin + diet + salt water + tazorac.
  11. Christ, Are you doing 15 minutes on each side of your face? Or just 15 minutes total everywhere?