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  1. I meant 10% benzoyl peroxide facewash, i.e. the stuff botchla uses in his regimen. The thing that confuses me is the same pimples on my upper arms even though i dont use any acne medicine on my upper arms.
  2. I came off Accutane in November and my face/back was clear. To combat the few random pimples i started using the 10% face wash used in botchla's regimen. About 2 weeks ago I threw Salicylic Acid into the mix and about a week ago, the left side of my face (the side I sleep on) just exploded with like 20 small red pimples out of nowhere. The right side of my face mabye got like 4 or 5 small red pimples. I always used these two before accutane so im pretty sure im not allergic to anything. Also
  3. i should add though that while my acne is only moderate, after 3 months i was still getting pimples (though they were small and not cystic) and my skin wasnt dry at all so my doctor decided to up the dosage..Even with 100mg a day, i still only have dry lips....go figgur Does anyone know the answer to my question?
  4. I am currently taking 40 mg in the morning and 60 mg at night and this is kinda inconvienent, so is there any difference in me just taking 100 mg at night? Thanks
  5. Im on my 10th week of accutane and for some reason, my skin is pretty dry (doesnt need moisturizer, but is not oily at all) and also very very shiny. Standing anywhere close to a light source seems to amplify any imperfections on my skin. Does anyone know what I can do about this?
  6. just take the aquaphor that you are using on your lips and rub some on your upper arms twice or thrice a day and itll go away, and dont show your derm..its happens to a bunch of people, so dont risk him taking you off.
  7. I think Rossignol must own stock in Emu farms
  8. I finished week 9 on monday and had a horrible breakout so far. I got like 5u or 6 big zits (not sure if they are cysts) on my chin and jawline and a bunch of really small zits on my cheeks. Im really confused because my back and neck had bad acne and is clear now, but my face is still breaking out. I recently stopped getting cysts on my cheeks and now only get really small zits that ive never really gotten before. I got really chapped lips right now and my skin is kind of perfectly balance
  9. Dont listen to that guy about the diet....just dont overeat and you'll be fine on that account. The regimen will improve your skin no matter what ,but you need to start thinking about antibiotics such as minocycline. Go to a dermotologist who will presribe you antibiotics and benzaclin...non-medicated creams wont do much at all.
  10. I had mild/moderate acne and went on accutane...im on week 9 and my face looks like crap...alot worse than before I took it, but the zits are getting smaller and smaller so I think its starting t work.
  11. I had the strawberry nose until week 10 or so..give it time.
  12. My derm said that it permenantly shrinks your glands, and most if not all users report that after treatment they have less oil.
  13. ive never heard of such a low dosage "long term" treatment like this. Considering the average dosage is 40-80mg a day, i have a very hard time believing this treatment will work at all. On a regular dose, It takes weeks just for the accutane to build up and start working and the body metabolizes accutane fairly quickly. However, if a derm recommended this then you never know.