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  1. those of you who are taking yogurt for probiotics to kill the yeast... i recommend you stop...probiotics are good of course, but dairy is a nono. take a good probiotic supplmiment and a natural yeast killer like black almond husk. avoid foods such as dairy, sugar, citrus and wheat
  2. I am back! Thanks for the comments Lfobia & Lyssa! I have not returned because of major problems, but just to say hi and thought i would let everyone know what was going on. It's been about a year and a half i think and i am still rolling on the regimen with great success. New life realy. I am on a career path of a bricklayer as an apprentice right now, i now live on my own and i have been in a relationship for over a year! Everything is working well. I will come back soon with some cur
  3. hey what's happenin i've been real busy lately, espeically with crazy sickness + we moved and stuff...i'll update asap Day: 343
  4. thanks for the post man, you just need to stick to it and be focused patience man, patience
  5. DAY 318 It's been a while...i've been busy... had some troubles but it's okay now. Face: http://img115.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture33hf1.jpg Side 1: http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/497/picture35ef4.jpg Side 2: http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/2764/picture34sa0.jpg
  6. DAY 288. It's been a while so I thought I'd post some updated pictures. Face: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/412/picture31ei1.jpg Side 1: http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/4109/picture33wu4.jpg Side 2: http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/1087/picture32kk9.jpg
  7. Alrighty here I am in the New Year. Day 274. Face: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/3371/picture29sn4.jpg Side 1: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/228/picture31lw7.jpg Side 2: http://img85.imageshack.us/img85/6066/picture30xv7.jpg
  8. Today, Thursday, December 27, 2007 = DAY 260* That's almost the 3-quarter mark.
  9. haha so i ended up putting BP on as soon as i got home on monday...tues/wed i skipped and today i got BP on before i went to work.
  10. i just got a full time job...i'm going to take BP out of my morning step and see what happens...this way i can experiment and get a little more sleep in the mornings
  11. DAY 233. Face: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/7584/picture15et7.jpg Side 1: http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/8119/picture16zq4.jpg Side 2: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/6096/picture17xp7.jpg
  12. DAY 228 (i think i screwed up the counting somewhere) I'm posting again because I wont be able to for several days. I'm a little flushed from running around and being in the cold. Face: http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/5690/picture13zr1.jpg Side 1: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/9366/picture14wz0.jpg Side 2: http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/2396/picture15wu9.jpg