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  1. In the mornings if I go out, I'll always use lotion to moisturize. However, when I come back home and wash my face, I'll substitute lotion with aloe instead... I think it's very effective in preventing dryness if you're indoors, and safe enough to know for sure that your pores will NOT get clogged. I think whatever you do, make sure that you never strip your skin of needed moisture after washing your face. When I used the Burt's Bees mask, I noticed that my skin was so soft at first, but then i
  2. Murad DESTROYED my face and made me look 15 years older. I ended up with wrinkles all over my forehead (that I NEVER had) and my skin exploded. I'm really not a person who likes to say things to an extreme, but if anyone wants to try this product it'd be better to order some samples and use in moderation first. I personally attribute it to prolonging my bad skin condition.
  3. Hmm, I think for cosmetics you should always go to the store itself and check it out yourself to make sure that it's the right coverage and shade for you When I was tan from the summer, I was definitely an Amber, but when my color faded, I had to get Medium and blend it with Amber. Also, I used to use a concealer brush to blend, but unless it is diligently cleaned often (which I often forgot), it would be more hygenic to apply makeup with your washed hands, using the ring finger because the rin
  4. Be careful not to overdo it with St. Ives -- I used to scrub with it because the first time I used it my skin was so soft, but what happens is that the granules cause microtears in your skin, which can catalyze additional blemishes. If you do choose to continue using St. Ives, rub VERY VERY GENTLY. I'm also an advocate of being gentle with your skin -- make sure that you're not overdrying it with the acne products and that you apply oil-free SPF 15 lotion everyday (I use Olay Sensitive Comple
  5. Hi everyone, About a year ago I was really experiencing the lowest point in my life -- as a Senior in college, I was graduating and facing the world with severe acne that never plagued me until then. My boyfriend had gotten me a facial package at Bliss Spa in New York (yes, one of those hip places in SoHo) for my birthday and the lady had irritated my face so much that my acne basically blossomed. I had a couple of pimples on my cheeks and forehead and I remember her deeply raking my face... I'