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  1. hey guys haven't posted here in awhile but i thought i would stop by to see how everyone is doing. been almost two years since i went on the stuff and started shedding and i'm approaching q-ball status, ha well not exactly q-ball but i would say more of a very apparent diffuse chemo look which has forced me to buzz my hair. The weirdest thing was a few months ago I had a massive shed and started to lose the hair on the back nape area of my head to the point where streaks of scalp now show throug
  2. haha well we went at it a lot over the past year and a half or so, but we're in the same boat plus you put a lot into all the research aspect of it all so you will certainly be missed. mind you i stopped coming on here all the time basically for the same reason there's really nothing we can do about all of this at this point except try different approaches and hope for the best. anyway, as i said before as much as this sucks with the hair loss there are viable options out there for it with certa
  3. i don't think the drug should necessarily be taken off the market, but I don't think dermatologists should be able to prescribe it all. They are not knowledgeable enough in the internal medicine field to do so. They in turn should have to send you over to a specialist in internal medicine and then have it prescribed. But yes at least here in the US dermatologists are by the far the laughing stock among the medical community. Secondly, the drug is toxic, and shouldn't be taken in amounts over 20
  4. fyi i also just got a scalp biopsy recently from my derm to see if it would show anything. im kinda pissed i did it now cause the fuckin asshole should have been able to take one look at my scalp and diagnose it as diffuse aa. fuck i wish i had mpb.
  5. wow depressing stuff on here reminds me of myself with my posts. anyway, the only light of hope of i can offer anyone is that there a sulfer based drug which has been shown to help certain alopecia areata patients. turns down inflamatory tcells etc. Anyway, im not touching it though just too many sides to the unknown. I've been hit with this pretty hard considering the back of my scalp has started diffusing away and is at the point where i can see hair through it etc. I remember when people on t
  6. oh ok well in that case all you can really do is wait it out. In all honestly i wouldn't try to much right now, but you were on a lower dose so hopefully for your sake it should stop eventually, but there's no guarantee for anything. so for now you're best bet is to just wait and hope.
  7. I agree to some extent that there is an auto-immune component to this yes. However, Lamarr I'm not going to take your word that I have diffuse AA and it's as simple as that. You are not a doctor nor a medical researcher, and considering even they do not have any sort of answers to this for us leaves it more wide open. First off alopecia areata diffuse or not doesn't induce the type of itching and burning many of the users such as yourself have on here. The inflamation lies underneath at the hair
  8. funny you mention because i do have balding patches above my ears and a lot side burn loss. Forget regrowth, have the shots led to any reduction in shedding?
  9. I agree to some extent that there is an auto-immune component to this yes. However, Lamarr I'm not going to take your word that I have diffuse AA and it's as simple as that. You are not a doctor nor a medical researcher, and considering even they do not have any sort of answers to this for us leaves it more wide open. First off alopecia areata diffuse or not doesn't induce the type of itching and burning many of the users such as yourself have on here. The inflamation lies underneath at the hair
  10. yep 22 yearolds with about the worst case of accutane hair loss you will ever see. I didn't really realize how bad it was recently till I was able to look in the mirror we have in the bathroom at my house and see my whole head of hair, including the back. I basically look like a chemo patient. My whole head of hair has long lines of scalp just showing through, even in the back when wet etc. Not only is the loss up top, but my sides and back hair are quickly diffusing away now as well. I was plan
  11. well unfortunately my hair loss still persists, but I've decided that basically that I'm done with it. In the near future I will either shave my head or just get a hairpiece. The problem is that although it is some sort of auto-immune function in persistant accutane hair loss there is not a cure, and it is rarely fully reversible. When the hair loss goes on for an extended period of time the best thing you can hope for really is that it will slow down or hopefully eventually stop. In terms of re
  12. I will also say that despite this the fluocinonide did seem to make my hair feel softer and somewhat back to normal during the past few days I've been on it, but the increase in shedding in the shower is not worth it at all.
  13. so i got my derm to prescribe me fluocinonide topical steroid for the hair loss and so far it's been the worst thing ever. I wouldn't say it was making much of a difference just in general during the day, but as soon as I hit the shower I literally lost 70-80 hairs at least. I haven't lost this mush since all this shit started months ago. Someone on this site also had a similar experience in using an oral anti-inlfammatory steroid. Needless to say Im done with the steroid for now. Sorry Lamar bu
  14. Well i figured out my hair loss situation with accutane and i've got the shedding pretty much under control. Without explaining my whole theory as to why accutane causes hair loss the bottome line is the drug inflames the stomach and intestines causing an allergic reaction where our immune system basically goes crazy. I'm not sure if it's also related to Candida infestion as well, but the bottom line is certain foods such as wheat etc cause more inflamation cause the stomach lining and immune sy
  15. The problem though is that I don't feel that it's a good thing for the body to keep getting constant injections of high amounts of cortisone every 6 weeks. Would this have to be continued forever or would it eventually wear its course etc. Also if kenalog shots do in fact lead to permanent scarring it may not be such a good thing. either way though im not sure. at the very least i would like my hair to return to somewhat of a normal state texture wise as it is out of control now.
  16. Not so it depends on the individual. It's been a over a year since I stopped for me and still losing hair every day and IMO not MPB, loss is diffuse and no one in my family has it. THe difference between my situation and the following of everyone on here is as stated before my hair went crazy it literally is mad scientist hair all over. MPB doesn't cause this so the guy who said I had it on here can finger himself in the ass. anyway, i agree it's an auto-immune problem but I also think thyroid p
  17. also just for the record acne or more so late teenage acne that is persistent into adulthood is caused by a glandular disfunction, thyroid adrenal etc etc. so going back on accutane isnt the right move. I can be of more guidance but i will later cause im hungry and want to eat lunch.
  18. Lamar you seem very lost and all on here still consulting with derms and such for your accutane situation and this dr. chu guy etc etc. I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, and have talked to a few expert doctors and more so medical researchers about accutane and it's side effects who I can say for sure are much more qualified and knowledgeable than any derm out there. So you can take what I say with a grain of salt or you can choose to listen because while I can't help you out directly with
  19. not trying to be a dick lamar but what the hell are you talking about. Please don't give these people false hope. by no means am i saying that they should think that they are a worst case scenario like myself but please don't try to sell them on some system that will most likely not work. we can come up with theories all day about accutane hair loss and why and how it is occuring etc etc but the bottom line is no matter what we don't know for sure why this is happening and there is nothing we ca
  20. mikey i've been on here going through my ordeal and all longer than u, go back in the history and see i'm like one of the founding fathers of this board. im not going to go through my whole story again as i could go on for days. i was on a probably a much lower doseage than you or most others, 20mg first two months and 40mg the remaining 4. my oil has returned to normal as i do get pimples from time to time again and i've tried the the shampoos showering etc, thats all bs has nothing to do witht
  21. well guess what mikey i'm over a year and a half since accutane and my hair loss has not improved at all, no regrowth still falling out a lot. It doesnt shed as much anymore but i attriubute that to only the fact that there is less hair to shed now. I've lost 60% of my hair since accutane, more so the texture is awful just a curly mess. I have a bald patch on the back crown area, and a diffuse patch forming in the front vertex area. There is no history of MPB in my family. I am looking into gett
  22. "I'm pretty certain this is how a typical TE from accutane will work. It also fits in with what Andys derm said, e.g. 6-8 months for shedding to stop in MOST cases" I've been shedding for around 10 months so far. I pretty much shed throughout most of my treatment on accutane but it was minimal up until december when the massive shedding ensued. As of now it's been a total of 10 months, two shedding on the tane, and another 8 off of it. I know something is really wrong not so much even based any
  23. i dunno if i will fully recover at all my hair is a mess. i am strongly started to feel this is all directly related to our thyroid function. we all have diffuse loss all over. more so it's not so much the hair loss as the fact that the whole structure of my hair has changed from straight thick and healthy to thin wispy and curly.
  24. well you were on one hell of a dose at 80mg for 6 months, over twice as much as me so i would assume that your hair loss is due to accutane and not diet related. i've never eaten right pretty much my whole life and never had a problem with hair loss up until accutane. anywway, bear in mind that you are a female and females have a very good chance of recovery. however, it depends cause i do know a girl up here at school who was on accutane about 3 times and her hair is very very thin now. she has