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    My Regimen:<br /><br />-Morning-<br />Hit the Gym<br />Shower afterwards<br />Wash face with Neutrogena Acne Prone Bar<br />Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP)<br />Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 15<br /><br />-Night-<br />I usually go running at night and then shower<br />but if not then i just:<br />Wash face with Neutrogena Acne Prone Bar<br />Proactiv Repairing Lotion (2.5% BP)<br />Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 15
  1. i surfed this site for a while. signed up..did the DKR for like 3 months, got off it, went to a derma. Been two months since i've been seeing this dermatologist and i'm really a lot clearer. What i did find out tho, after surfing reviews and sites about the prescriptions i was given (Solodyn, Benzaclin and Retin-a Micro)..i started finding rebates. On the official sites of these 3 prescription medicines you get rebate forms. I got $35 off solodyn, $ 10 off retin-a micro and $15 off benzaclin.
  2. any one know of conflicts with solodyn and multi vitamins? i read the pamphlet it comes with and it says not to take a vitamin until 3 hours after taking solodyn since some of the vitamin ingredients bind to soloydn and take longer to work..? not sure but i thought someone may know something i don't.
  3. they gave me retina but they told me to moisturize whenever i used retina........so........go ahead and moisturize. i use purpose spf 30 redness relief and its great. goodluck
  4. the derm gave me these pills too. along with retina micro and benzyclin...so far its working good BUT i do have insurance. they cost me $40 a piece..but then again ive been paying insurance for a year on these pills...adds up im hoping they work. im on wk 2 and i have seen an improvement but it could be for many reasons. we'll see. and $1400 is way too much for medication.
  5. im on it now, but i havent used it for that long. Its supposed to help the amount you use. apparently many were using TOO much, so its supposed to be one pump each time you apply. i think i like it better.
  6. i used to use benzyclin like 3 yrs ago and it did tighten me up but i didnt moisturize.. im on it again and it doesnt tighten me up and its clearing me up. i like it i recommend the Purpose Redness relief spf 30 moisturizer.
  7. i thought benzyclin has Clindymycin in it.....? isnt it like 1/4 benzoyl peroxide and the rest Clindymycin? i wonder how that works? i hear the better combo is benzyclin and retina. just a thought.
  8. hey, im on week 2 of RAM/solodyn/benzyclin...i dont think the retina has kicked in just yet but the other two i hope have. my face looks alot less broken out (i only had like 4 pimples when i got on..got one left now) and a lot less irritated. I was recommended to use Purpose redness relief spf 30 moisturizer. i love it btw. it feels great on me......i dont really FEEL it but it did cost like $14.99 for the bottle. just my 2 cents.
  9. i was actually excited to use it but after about a day or two i did find myself red faced and it would sting like every other time i put it on. I don't know if its related but i also had maybe 2 breakouts in like 3 since i bought this compared to me like 1 a month kind before.......not sure im liking it too much. i stopped using it like 3 days ago and my active acne has died down, began to clear or going to a head..... could just be a coincidence.
  10. 22 going on 23 in august. stillllllll with the acne.
  11. yea, thats what i figured. sometimes i can't go to the beach when i want to ...being we also have cursed rain along with the sunshine. does the sea salt mixture come close to the actual thing? and is it worth the shot?
  12. i was wondering. if sea salt and ocean water and w/e helps acne....why not use that more often to help yourself? i live in miami florida and i do see the difference when i go to the beach. ive been going more often and my face pretty much stays ok. i get the occasional breakout but for the most part, it helps. do you guys go to the beach for acne help purposes? sounds funny.
  13. Name of acne product used: DKR Cleanser and BP Manufacturer: Clear Inc (bought on this site) Active ingredient: Bp (2.5%) not sure about the Cleanser Your acne severity: Moderate/ Inflammatory How did the product work for you: (place an X in only ONE box or state other) CLEARED ME! [ x] Did absolutely nothing [ ] Very little improvement [ ] Worsened my acne [ ] Other (state) : BP has always worked for me but the DKR works for the sheer size and cost. The cleanser is a beaut since other stuff
  14. crap btw...i just read your signature. you are using this Dr. Murad mess and ive heard ALOT of bad stuff about it. just about all the negative reviews were with conditions such as yours. i was two seconds from ordering the same kit before i read all these reviews. i'm gonna take a stab at Murad causing problems.
  15. seems that you have a problem with whatever you are using now. maybe you should drop it and use another make up/cleanser/bp..etc. also..you have to understand that acne is a noticeable thing. People will see it whether you look them in the eye or not. I found depressing myself makes it worse...i NEVER feel good around people like that. Just for hypothetical terms and whatnot...even if a mental state could EVER help acne, id give it a shot. Try to keep your head up. Also, is this cyst on your fa