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  1. Oh I agree about the varying qualities of doctors. It's just like a car mechanic, babysitter, chef, accountant, or any other service provider. There are good ones and bad ones and you should shop around. My dietitian and PCP were very interested in my findings and in exhausting all resources possible and my dermatologist couldn't care less.
  2. Yeah, I don't know if it really helps. All I know is the cocktail of things I'm taking now have cleared me, so I don't plan on changing them. All I can say is that I'm very lucky to have my set of doctors and dietitians to help me.
  3. This whole mistrust of doctors is a serious issue we have. You have to find one you gel with and can trust. That's not an acne issue, that's an overall health issue. Nurses moonlighting as Walgreens health screeners? I sincerely hope there's more to your healthcare than that. Also, you mention thyroids, my father has a plethora of thyroid problems, so I get TSH tests annually. It's all a matter of getting a thorough checkup and knowing what you want to get done. Also, even though it makes sense
  4. Also, I see you're taking chromium. I would advise against it. Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium#Biological_role http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displ...&aid=901740 Basically it says that chromium can cause chromosomal damage and any amount past the very very small quantity that our body needs doesn't do anything.
  5. I'm not exactly sure about the exact pharmacology, but GLA is an Omega-6 fatty acid found in Evening Primrose Oil & http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/evening-p...atient-Primrose . My dietitian said it's primarily for eczema, but has worked for acne before. Saw Palmetto (for men at least) ostensibly helps control unruly androgen production, which is the cause of overproductive sebaceous glands. My dietitian says that she's found it works very well for some, not at all for others, and is bad f
  6. Oh no, you misunderstood. I eat very healthy, and even in my original post I recommended a nutrient rich diet. Nor did I ever say that diet does not affect acne. What I said was a trip to the doctor would help tremendously in pointing you in the right direction. The easiest of the insulin tests is very very easy. Fast for 12 hours and then have them take an insulin reading, or even do it yourself. There's a limit to how high or low it should be that will tell you how you respond to normal insuli
  7. ...your PCP (Primary Care Physician) has about a half dozen different ways to discover whether or not you have IR (Insulin Resistance). Also, if you don't have any of these symptoms, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin_resis...#Symptoms_of_IR , you probably don't have IR. I've spent the last couple of years toying with my diet to no avail based on the different suggestions in here, only to visit my doctor and have her tell me I have a flawless insulin response. I'm not saying that these diets
  8. DO NOT DRINK. Accutane is murder for your liver as it is, even a little alcohol can mess you up in terms of both your skin and your liver health.
  9. I'll copy & paste what I wrote on another forum. Basically, look forward to 6 months of unbearably dry skin, needing a ton of chapstick, and a bumpy road. Given my experiences, don't. I'm probably in the minority of people for whom Accutane didn't work, but here's my story. This 100% true, no made up stories to scare you or exaggeration. 1) I broke out during the entire course. Over the six months I was on it, there were maybe 3 weeks I was clear. 2) I developed a pretty harsh lymph no
  10. Given my experiences, don't. This 100% true, no made up stories to scare you or exaggeration. 1) I broke out during the entire course. Over the six months I was on it, there were maybe 3 weeks I was clear. 2) I developed a pretty harsh lymph node infection while on it and had an overall malaise (partially because of that and partially because of the side effects) for 4 months of the treatment. 3) Since fairly early on in the course, I've noticed that my hands and arms are less steady than the
  11. I agree with a lot of the stuff here, but just so you guys know, the organ flushes are a complete hoax. Your body does it naturally. The reason it gets backed up is because we keep putting in crappy foods. So, maintaining the correct diet will 'flush' your system out over time gradually, which is more healthy than those overpriced mixtures they sell. A rule of thumb for me is that any changes I make in regards to my body (diet, excersize, sleep) have to be gradual. If you are trying to eat heal
  12. I use it and will never use any other lotion for any part of my body ever again. Best moisturizer I've ever used by a large margin. You have to use a tiny amount though because it does go on greasy if you use just a littlebit too much..
  13. 1) Go to your Dermatologist. 2) Ask for Mimyx. The stuff is genius, and the only lotion I would ever put on my face. It's meant for people with eczema, but it works amazingly for general moisturizing and aiding the healing of acne scars. NEVER aggravated my acne, ALWAYS keep my skin moisturized even through the worst of my Accutane cycle. http://www.mimyx.com/ You can thank me later.
  14. what about acne though? did acne go away within a few weeks? the shea butter is a body wash by st ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash. smells nice, leaves face smooth. but skin still gets oily... Completely depends. I know people who had huge severe cystic acne clear up completely in the first month and be clear the entire rest of the course (and forever after). To contrast that, I had mild/moderate acne with almost no cysts ever and broke out pretty consistently until about 2 or 3 weeks
  15. Pre-accutane, I had an even oilier face than you, so I have a few tips for you. 1) Stop using paper towels. Invest in some oil blotting sheets. You can get them in the store or you can click directly below and get a slightly better deal. http://shop.paulaschoice.com/product/oil-b...e-free-products 2) I'd been off Accutane for about four weeks and I started to feel the oil come back. Sufficed to say it was terrible at first. 3) BUT, I then realized that my oily skin was caused by things that