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  1. I see... thanks for telling me ^^ I have also read about the benefits of micro needling on hypertrophic scars and had emailed a dermatologist about it but she said that she didn't think it would work. She didn't offer a reason for her opinion though! But I guess that may be because micro needling for hypertrophic scars is not very well established yet and is still kinda controversial.
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply and kind wishes. I really appreciate it Good luck to you too! But may I ask what kinds of laser treatments have you done?
  3. I have many white raised hypertrophic scars on my face due to a bout of severe acne a few years ago. I visited an aesthetic doctor (obtained a diploma in dermatology but is relatively famous for her cosmetic procedures) yesterday and was very discouraged and depressed. I do know that the aforementioned scarring is very difficult to remove. She recommended VI peels and Pearl laser but I have researched and peels are not likely to help hypertrophic scarring and Pearl laser is ablative.