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  1. like 3 weeks. I was wondering maybe if I would be able to get all my prescription at once if I go there.
  2. Yeah the title says it all. I'm going to Greece on vacation and want to get it. THANKS.
  3. How much does it cost with insurance? How much does it cost w/out insurance? thanks.
  4. Will the differin 0.3 also help with oilyness?
  5. Is there a website that I can find out which doctors in my area prescribe tane? thanks.
  6. ^^^^^ bump. I actually need to know this too...
  7. ok so I finally took my last accutane pill yesterday and I have my last appointment to see my derm on friday. Do derms usually prescribe a topical or something after your done with a course of tane? If he doesn't should I ask for one and which is the best to ask for? thanks.
  8. Thanks for all the replies...makes me feel kind of better. I just can't wait till I'm done with accutane so I never have to see him ever again. Also, I'm never going to my appointment alone now cuz I would just feel to uncomfortable around him.
  9. Well today I had a derm appointment and I almost started crying...like I felt my eyes water. Yeah and my derm started laughing at me. =/ Jeez he asked if I was depressed and I told him no and he was so close to not giving me my accutane prescription. Gawsh I had such a sucky day...anyways I don't think he should of laughed at me though. Has anyone else ever cried at their derm appointment cuz I'm gonna feel so stupid if I'm the only one that has. =/