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  1. I was lucky enough to land a new job at a vitamin and natural health supplements company, and I brought up the idea of formulating a new dietary supplement for acne. I'm excited about this company because their products are made here in the USA, they don't use any fillers or artificial ingredients (so you get pure ingredients), and use 100% vegetarian capsules. I've been a member of this forum for almost 10 years and have learned a lot. It takes a few months to develop, but with the help of
  2. I've been struggling with acne for a very long time. Look to my profile and you will see I've been a member of the site since 2004! A lot of remedies, both natural and prescription, have helped reduce my acne, but nothing was clearing it for a stable period of time. Accutane was very effective, but after half a year, my skin was starting to get inflammed again. I had to find another solution. I stumbled upon the anti-inflammation diets plus Dr. Oz's green smoothies and found them fantasti
  3. It's quite possible that your most recent breakout was a reaction from a few weeks ago. I don't have a study to source, but I've read that a breakout can take up to 21 days to show up. So stick with your Paleo diet as strictly as you can and reaccess in a few weeks.
  4. That's a problem. You need to be strict with the Paleo diet for at least 4 weeks before making a conclusion on its impact. A "Paleo-ish" diet comes after the strict initial period when you slowly start reintroducing foods to access how your body reacts. I would try again and give it a full effort for at minimum 4 weeks.
  5. What dosage amount were you taking? Lowering your dosage to 10-20mg will reduce your side effects greatly.
  6. Getting a blood test is not required, just recommended. I actually didn't get one until 4 months in, however I was on a low dose course of 20mg.
  7. I can't explain it, but I had side effects with Claravis and none with Sotret. So based on personal experience, I recommend Sotret over any of the other generics.
  8. Explain what you explained to us to your dermatologist. I actually did something similar. Detailed to my doc what I already tried. He immediately suggested Accutane. If your derm doesn't give you Accutane (unless there is a good reason), then find another derm. Does not happen to everyone. Most people in fact do not lose their hair.
  9. Maybe. No one knows. I didn't get an initial breakout (IB), but plenty of other people do.
  10. Low dosage works great for mild, but persistent acne. I was on 10mg for 2 months, and 20mg for 4 months (weight is 170 lbs). Completely clear right now. How well low dosing works for severe acne is another question though.
  11. What made you come to that conclusion? I've been taking 40g+ protein shakes daily since I started about 5 months ago. Hmm what made you come to the conclusion that it's ok to take protein shakes? The majority of protein shakes contain Vitamin-A, which is a big NO NO. I don't know what kind of protein powder you have been buying, but none of the protein brands I have used in the past have Vitamin A. Also, Vitamin A as a supplement should not be taken. Vitamin A through normal
  12. What made you come to that conclusion? I've been taking 40g+ protein shakes daily since I started about 5 months ago.
  13. Feeling the same thing right now. Have about 2 weeks left on my course. Suffered with acne for 8 years and I am finally clear. I am really worried that my acne may return.
  14. I was on the same boat as you, mild acne but very persistent. I went on 10mg early June and I am now clear.
  15. Derm should have bumped you up. Try 20mg and see how it works.