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  1. Wow...great results. You are beautiful. Don't stress too much over the fat grafting and the contours. Facial fat degrades as you age anyway, so the contouring will gradually increase...it might just keep you younger looking a little bit longer than you might have without it. No worries.
  2. TheBean


    You said: "Oh, I have noticed it gets worse a week after my ovulation, then subsides after my period for one glorious week." A week after ovulation is around the time that Progesterone is peaking. (Incidentally, excess progesterone gets converted into androgens--oily skin and breakouts!) You also said you tried going vegan? Something to watch out for...Soy. A LOT of vegan foods are loaded with it and it throws your hormones WAY out of whack. For me, I avoid dairy. I had to
  3. TheBean

    Topical Progesterone Causing Acne?

    I do have some experience with this... Topical progesterone is tricky. Hormones are a difficult thing to balance if they are out of whack. If the DIM was working for you, keep taking it. Vitex probably helped because it also raises progesterone slightly. Plus, the DIM helps to clear out the "bad" estrogens, supposedly helping to protect you from estrogen-driven cancers. It's interesting--did they test your testosterone levels by any chance? You need to do a bit of research...it may hel
  4. TheBean

    Inositol for PCOS acne

    If you have PCOS, you may want to look into grapefruits and grapefruit juice. Grapefruits in particular induce aromatase to happen in the intestinal tract...they help the body metabolize and convert excess androgens (testosterone) into estrogen. One glass a day has been shown to have a significant effect on all PCOS symptoms, including acne. For many, I think it completely normalized their numbers (bloodwork) after several weeks...it was at least, if not more effective than taking metformin, or
  5. I also had issues with Zinc and I discovered it can have a two-fold effect that may worsen acne in some. One is that it can cause you to dump copper in excess into your bloodstream which can cause acne (zinc and copper compete and should stay balanced). I also read somewhere that zinc may raise androgen levels. At the time I was having issues, I did have a copper IUD, so I think that may have had something to do with it for me.
  6. TheBean

    How soon to start treating a scar?

    besimple...thanks! That's very helpful. I do have a GA 10% treatment at home. It's not super strong, so I could try it and see how my skin handles that to start? abraxas21...that's the conclusion we came to. As long as I'm seeing progress--let it be. I'm only at 3.5 months. That's nothing as far as scar aging/ healing time goes. The first derm I went to said, "give it 6 to 9 months". I thought she was full of it. I thought there was no way...but now I am thinking she could be right. Thanks!
  7. TheBean


    I was pretty determined to find a solution to my acne without prescriptions. I really felt like my acne was rooted in too many chemicals, medications, food additives, etc., over many years. Not to mention the risks to my health. I felt like my acne wasn't severe enough to justify it (it may be justified for some). The first couple attempts at diet modification didn't help. I didn't go aggressively enough or long enough. It took me 3 years to find relief. It's not the easy or quick solution,
  8. TheBean

    How soon to start treating a scar?

    I've seen two derms about this. Thanks besimple. I've been taking extra vitamins and using spf, as well as covering up with sun hats, etc when I'm outside. I'm using Differin which is a retinol. It also stimulates collagen...I don't think I'm supposed to use GA while using it.
  9. TheBean

    How soon to start treating a scar?

    Thanks BA. I haven't done any treatment, it's been 3 months since I lost the original scab. I'm holding off on treating since it still seems to be filling in on its own. I use my Differin every night. I've been using it almost 6 months. For a bit, it made my pores larger and seemed to be bringing scars to the surface that I didn't know I had. But now it's improving and the texture is looking better than it has in a long time. I'm sure the redness will fade with time when it's done healing.
  10. TheBean


    I broke out more over ovulation. I also tested within normal ranges, but the ratio was off. I avoid dairy and soy. You have to go COMPLETELY dairy and soy free for months to see results. I also discovered that anything with peanuts...yikes. I also eat grapefruit, it assists in turning excess testosterone to estrogen.
  11. TheBean

    How soon to start treating a scar?

    UPDATE: It's been making slow, but steady progress. I had scheduled for rf microneedling this week, but considering that it still seems to be filling in on its own, I'm going to hold off on intervening, lest it do more damage than good (those are among the risks). Sorry-- this info is duplicative of my other posting. I've attached an updated pic... There is still slight redness (bloodflow-- I'm quite fair) but you can even tell in the pic how much has filled in... the doc said "wait 6 month
  12. TheBean

    First INFINI RF microneedling!!!

    UPDATE: I've been discussing this with a trusted friend and we've been monitoring the healing of my scar... my friend REALLY thinks I should wait a little longer because my scar is continuing to look better at a steady rate and we can visibly see the collagen has been filling in. Among the risks of RF microneedling is the possibility that it could damage this new collagen and actually make the scar look worse, or arrest the natural healing process. At this point, I think my friend is right.
  13. My hormones all came back in "normal" ranges, but the T was on the high side of normal and E on the low side. I started using Differin. I use Dr. Cynthia Bailey's Foaming Acne Cleanser 10% BP in the AM. At the same time I totally changed my diet to focus on increasing veggies. I completely eliminated ALL dairy and soy. I started eating grapefruit at breakfast, 4 or 5 times a week. I also drink spearmint tea. (NOT peppermint, careful!) I stopped wearing makeup every day. It took a few
  14. TheBean

    LEAN PCOS Acne

    Avoid soy like the plague. Read the "allergen warning" on the labels of foods. Look up grapefruit for PCOS... they did studies in it... dramatically helped balance hormones in women with PCOS.
  15. TheBean

    Quitting Birth Control (pics)

    When I was younger, the doctor put me on Ortho Tricyclen. At the time, it was the brand of choice, known for clearing acne... he was like, "it will keep the acne at bay too!" I was like, "I don't have acne." Went I went off that pill about two years later, I broke out all in my cheeks for about 6 months. It GAVE me acne when taken off. Awesome. I've gone on and off other brands, before and after that with no issues. I recently read about grapefruit. It apparently lowers testosteron