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  1. Hi jen16_! I was just wondering if you are still around to read this, what did you do in the end and how did it go?
  2. Hmmm I don't know to be honest, but it looks like a rash, not acne. Could your skin be reacting to one of the products?
  3. Also, I don't know if it is advised against using it with folliculitis, but if it's not, you should try rosehip oil. It's an oil for sensitive skin, people with acne use it because it helps fights spots and moisturises, and it's non-comedogenic. But anyone can use it as it balances the skin. If your is so dry it could be a good natural help for it. I use Pai's one but I guess they are all similar.
  4. Sorry to hear about what happened! I think you should try Pai's rosehip oil, it's really good. It moisturises the skin and fights against spots too! It balances the skin. You should give it a go. I use it 3 nights a week but you can also add a couple of drops into your moisturiser in the mornings. This is something you can use on your back too. You could also try a gentle exfoliator to get rid of the flakiness but don't overdo it or it'll be worse! If you do buy products don't buy them for a
  5. I wouldn't go for another acne treatment, it might damage your skin even more. If neither yazmin or accutane worked it's probably not acne! I agree that you should get appointments with different dermatologists until one of them listens to you, what's wrong with them! They are the skin experts but to be honest nobody knows your body better than you do, so they should listen. Meanwhile I would personally try people's recommendations against folliculitis - maybe start with one and don't overdo it
  6. Can you specify which vitamins you take? Is there anything in particular you changed 3-4 months ago that you can think of? It seems random but acne shows up just like that in many cases. Could it be that you developed an intolerance to dairy or gluten?
  7. I agree, glycolic acid might be the way to go. I use nip+fab's glycolic fix serum overnight 3 times a week and it works really well!
  8. It doesn't look like acne to me... Maybe some sort of eczema? Can you see a different doctor?
  9. Doesn't sound good... How many times a day do you use it? Maybe you should slowly introduce it, use it only twice on the first week, then 3 times a week, then 4 times and so on... If your skin still reacts badly when you only use it twice a week you should go back to the doctor's, it might be an allergic reaction or that your skin is too sensitive. Make sure you moisturise your skin really well! I'm sure there are other brands but I know Avene has a thermal water spray that calms the skin whi
  10. Can you give more details of your diet and skincare routine?
  11. I've never had acne in cycles like you seem to have - mine was with me all the time (yay!) but I switched to sensitive skin skincare and I find out that it works much better for me then the acne prone skincare. Might be worth trying. Do you feel the miccelar water removes your makeup fully? or do you see stains in your towel when you dry your face afterwards? It might not be the case for you but the miccelar water wasn't enough for me so I added a gentle cleanser as a second step and I saw im
  12. Don't worry there is a solution! It just takes some time to find it. I know it's annoying. Bare with me here - I think you should try Pai's rosehip oil. I know I said oil! It works really well on oily skin. It works against spots and balances your skin so it will be less oily. I swear I was afraid too because it is an oil, but I love it now. I put it on 3 nights a week. It's amazing. And of course it moisturises the skin. I think we (people with acne prone/oily skin) panic and try to get r
  13. We all have those days but remember you are not alone, thousands of people suffer from acne! Finding the right treatment requieres lots of trial and error so don't give up and keep fighting. There is lots of good advice on this website. Accutane is a good option but be careful as one of the side effects is depression!
  14. Hmmm I've never heard anything like the black tape advice before... It sounds like an experiment to me. You need to give products more than two weeks to see if they work though, I know it's difficult but patience is key. And honestly, your skin doesn't look that bad at all. Use a gentle face wash (check ingredients) and don't overdo the acne prone/oily skin products. Get a good moisturiser to make sure your skin is hydrated. Have you tried BP? Also, I don't like recommending it because it'
  15. It's not too bad but it looks like you have been picking? You need to stop that! You can try over the counter products. Rosehip oil could work, so could Benzoyl Peroxide but it dries out the skin quite a bit. You should probably only use it in your forehead, not full face, and look for a low dose of 2,5% no more. Tea tree oil is a good shout too. But don't use all at once or you could damage your skin. Sorry but no fix quick - you'll have to give these products a few weeks to see if they work!