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  1. i tried a search but it was buggin' out. anyway, im acne free now, but i was thinking if it was a good idea to use a gel foundation to hide blemishes and make my face look smooth or whatever? im a guy obviously.. lol. would it be evident that im using one?
  2. Zepplin, I highly suggest you buy Neutrogena spf15 moisturizer now. Before it's too late. Your face will become either super dry or super oily in time before u know it. Dryness - leads to even more dryness or oiliness. Both of which you really wouldnt like to experience. trust me.. so if you value your skin, you buy one asap.
  3. ^ hey avron, listen to me: i gone through that phase too! i think u are making a mistake by quitting this. the reason it is wrinky a bit and makes your face really tight is because the bp is'nt fully absorbed! you must rub it in untill the bp goes inside your pores. if it is making your skin tight, it means it is not fully absorbed and may probably clog your pores making worse! take my advice or leave it.. but i was in your shoes once. im glad i didnt quit.
  4. i hope it continues to work well too! keep us posted!
  5. too bad it did'nt work for you. i thought it worked on all people.
  6. Guys, I've read that dove leaves a film of moisturizer in y our face, it clogs your pores that may lead to break outs! Why not just use cetaphil liquid soap? It works better. Much better. No filmy residue or whatever.
  7. this is my result <~ sorry no b4 pics.
  8. Rule #1 of acne care is never touching your face with your hands no matter what. Also, popping will lead to scarring and possible infections. Your brothers are either a) ignorant misleading you on purpose.
  9. Hm.. For me it is'nt shiny... Do you rub it in and make the skin absorb it? If it's fully absorbed it should'nt be oily in my opinion. I don't know...