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  1. Hi im thinking about going on accutane, a low dose but the problem is is that I suffer with depression. I’m on medication for it but I’m worried they will say I can’t go on accutane as it’s a side effect that it could get much worse
  2. Becky92

    Accutane advice

    Woah chill no one has the right to tell someone not to be afraid of something they are worried about, regardless of what is happening in the world ( which I’m very much clear about what is going on FYI) no one has the right to tell someone else they shouldn’t be anxious about something they are concerned about even if it is something someone else deem small, it’s clearly not small to me and as someone that suffers from anxiety in general I find it extremely rude that you think you have the right
  3. Hi everyone. im looking at some advice on Accutane. I’m considering going on it BUT i hate blood tests, and the thought of having to do it every month makes me feel sick! Has anyone been on Accutane and scared of blood tests too? And been ok having regular blood tests?
  4. Hi everyone does anyone have any good foundation and concealer recommendations that doesn’t cause break outs? Most foundations I have tried cause me to break out! Anyone found any good ones that are safe?
  5. Becky92

    Losing the will to live!!!

    Hey I have acne mostly on my chin and lower jaw, I would say it’s moderate, not severe but definitely not mild and it’s usually papules but with some pustules as well. My forehead is completely clear and it always has been They are also usually painful to touch
  6. Seriously losing the will to live with my acne. It’s a joke! I’ve had acne since I was 18 and I’m now 25 going on 26!!! I’ve tried literally everything and my only option left is accutane but I really really don’t want to go on it because I have a phobia of blood and needles so I couldn’t deal with the monthly blood test’s needed. I’ve used both benzoyl peroxide and Retinoids like Differen none have helped. I even went on the contraceptive pill to see if that helped and it didn’t
  7. Hey guys does anyone else have anxiety related spot picking!? So when I get really bad anxiety I pick my skin, mostly my face but my arms and my chest too. It's so annoying because I know it's bad for my skin, but yet I still can't help but do it! - today I was super stressed and had bad anxiety and I've really picked my skin which I'm so annoyed at myself about because I was doing so well and now I've made my skin look so much worse! I can't help it, it's like a stress coping mechanism which
  8. Becky92


    Thanks for all your advice and comments guys! So helpful. I guess I just have to focus on hopefully the results at the end of this rather then how it looks now. They spots pop up the day after applying differen and they are sometimes really painful ones. I've been using Duac during the day or neturogena 2.5% benzoyl peroxide to help, but I will definitely try the ice. I try not to wear makeup when I don't need to but my acne is a really bad insecurity of mine ( as I'm sure it is with most people
  9. Hi guys I've been using differin cream 0.1% for about 2 weeks now, every third night and I've definitely been getting a lot more acne then usual. I've read everywhere that it gets worse before it gets better but I just wondered how long it's taken people to get past the " purging" stage!? I was so worried about this happening which is why I reduced it to every third night instead of everynight anyone's advice or help is extremely welcomed and helpful!
  10. Becky92

    Early days - advice needed

    Early days - advice needed

    I have the cream version of this as the dermatologist said it's slightly more emollient. He suggested building up gradually so I've been doing every 3rd evening and so far I haven't seen much improvement as of yet, but my skin hasn't got any worse ( was dreading it getting worse before it got better like lots of people said) but I am in early stages..... My question is to people on this is that I'm at that stage where my face is red and a bit textured and dry, does anyone have any suggestions wh
  11. Becky92

    Differen cream 0.1%

    Thank you for responding. Did you use it every night? I think I'm going to try every other night or every third. It took my skins ages to settle with benzoyl peroxide so I'm guessing it might take a while to get used to differen too
  12. Hi guys I went to the dermatologist last week and he prescribed me differen cream 0.1%. I've looked for reviews and they have put me off so badly. Some people have wrote that it made their skin 1000% worse and it was all horrific. I want to give it a go, but I'm literally so worried it will ruin my skin more like everyone else has said. I used it last night the tiniest amount and I had no redness although I did wake up with a few tiny spots but I'm pretty sure I had them before I put the crea
  13. Hi everyone just wanted some advice on good vitamin supplements that help with skin. I'm currently on antibiotics for my acne, have seen some slight improvement but not much to be honest. I've started taking probiotics because I read some horror stories about the damage antibiotics can do. I want to take some other vitamins to help boost my skin and health. I can't take anything with Zinc, Iron and magnesium I believe because of the antibiotics I'm on. I should also note I'm vegetarian so can'
  14. Becky92

    Nothing seems to be working :(

    Thank you for all your advice! Ive tried glycolic acid but i kept having a reaction to it after applying it.. turns out I'm allergic! .. I switched to salicylic acid which helped a little but it still makes my skin peel and red like the benzoyl peroxide. I have really sensitive, dehydrated skin which is definitely not ideal as most acne treatments are quite strong and drying I will try the vitamins and see! Considering going to a dermatologist but they are CRAZY expensive. But I've tried mos
  15. I've literally tried most things, benzoyl peroxide makes my skin literally peel off, I've been on birth control for a whole year with no results, in fact I'm sure it's got worse. I've tried most topical treatments with little to no success, and some oral antibiotics with absolutely no success. I honestly don't know what else to do. I never leave the house without covering my skin with makeup, and everytime I look in the mirror I want to cry. No one ever takes acne seriously unless you have it yo