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  1. Yeah just make sure they don't have harsh chemicals!! it looks like this upclose
  2. thankyou should i use cleanser, toner and stuff? i already brought some raw honey and tree tea oil mask.
  3. i got this small bumps all over my forehead, and i tried using cetaphil cleanser but it doest really help. the bumps on my forehead has a hole on top of it, and inside the pimple theres like a white oily crystal please help. i really want to get rid of this. as a teenager it makes me so consious about my face. i feel ugly
  4. I'm a teenager and i've been suffering from this white little bumps around my forehead and nose since highschool, can you please gimme a tip or any advice that can help me get rid of this thanks. ps; im still not sure if this is either a comedonal acne or just a milia
  5. angeltrev


    im a teanager and i've been suffering from this little white bumps around my nose and forehead. PLEASE. PLEASE gimme a tip or anything that can help me get rid of this