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  1. It won't leave white spots if you moisturize after. I don't even use that much makeup either but this stuff helps a lot. I have extremely oily skin and I've finally found a way to control it with MOM. So for your second question, it is ok to use MOM under the moisturizer. If you use it at night you'll wake up with nice looking skin that wont be as oily as it normally is. I don't really like to use it at night unless I'm spending the night at someones house (Don't want anyone to see me with shiny
  2. Hey thats really useful! I think I shall just have to try this out when I have time. Thanks and btw like mentioned before.. you are so pretty!
  3. Hmm well before I met him I was EXTREMELY worried about what he'd think of me after he saw my face.. I thought he'd want to call it quits but thankfully I was wrong. But, we were talking (msn and sometimes phone) practically everyday for 2 years before actually meeting in real life. So we really had a lot of time to get to know what each other is like on the inside. I even told him my fears about the whole meeting process and he reassured me that it would all go great and nothing could change
  4. LOL Omg, I remember I wore a strapless for Halloween once... and sure enough It kept sliding down around my stomach :/. I learned my lesson tho! Strapless bras really do suck.
  5. Omg I never heard about that . I'm on Yaz now and it's working Ok I guess. I still break out and I've been on it for about 4 months now.
  6. I met my boyfriend online. I wasn't actually looking for a relationship but it just happened. We even met each other in real life for the first time in July . He doesn't even care that I have acne.. he was even there for me when I took accutane. He understands me and knows all that there is to know about me . It really means so much to me because he loves me for who I am.. not what I look like (however i still think he could do better than me since I feel ugly -_-). But yeah, he's really great t
  7. Hmm I carry my compact powder, chapstick, and oil blotting sheets
  8. I used to use Neutrogena, but because I'm so pale even the lightest shade looks kinda orange on me >=| So now I'm on the lookout for a better one >_>
  9. Haha eeek, the oompah loompa look is terrible. I'd much rather have my foundation be too light than too dark.
  10. I would have problems with the blotchy chalkyness at first. All I do to get rid of that now is first, in the morning after my shower I apply MOM all over with a makeup wedge... then after its pretty much dry I use another makeup wedge and apply sunblock. It gets rid of the chalkyness in an instant . I just apply my regular makeup after that. I love MOM!! It works really well at controlling my oily skin and it does seem to help with my acne <3.
  11. 1) Mineral powder makeup by either Jane Iredale or Physicians Formula 2) Deodorant 3) Milk of Magnesia (must control oil!! lol) 4) Chapstick 5) Tweezers
  12. My fave for years has been Pink at Victoria's Secret :]
  13. I'm incredibly pale also and its awful. Camera flashes usually wash out my skin making me even more pale and blah -_-. Sorry lol, I'm also mad that I just broke out with a huge pimple on my good cheek...After it goes away I'll be left with a reminder for months .
  14. I LOVE reading! My fave authors are... Dean Koontz John Saul and V.C. Andrews (I think Wiley Strieber will soon become a fave) My favorite books are.. Watchers by Dean Koontz 2012 by Wiley Strieber The Haunted Mesa by Louis L'Amour Hmm I probably forgot others but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment =)
  15. Use a make up wedge and apply a thin layer of milk of magnesia whenever your skin looks oily over your makeup. Try not to put too much or else you'll get white streaks which is not too appealing lol. It keeps my face matte for quite a bit.. but I do have to blot from time to time.