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    i wear my scars like the rings on a pimp
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    nowhere, kenucky
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    photography, travel, anything... really, i'm down for pretty much anything. i collect music. i like movies with un-happy endings. a pretty much normal 23 year old two time combat vet. i'm done with that now, so i'm looking for something new.
  1. last time i checked, it's the year 2007. i was an '80s kid and i grew up watching shit like the jetsons, and back to the future. i figured by now we'd have flying cars and meal pills that turn into real food and robot maids and damn acne treatments that would eliminate this shit. i mean, they can take a heart from a dead person and put it in a living person and make it work. how in the hell is there no product or treatment that could cure acne?! it seems like the smallest task, in comparison to
  2. here's their website i was just surfin' around and i found this. anyone else tried any of this stuff? there's so many different products and all of them make huge claims. i'd never heard of this before i stumbled across fatzeet's post. really my opinion now is that nothing works for everyone, and that everything works for someone. i mean, people win the lottery too. i don't know who these people are... and i'm fed up with this crap on my face.
  3. hahaha, this is like a broken record, but.... it says "Image Awaiting Approval"
  4. i drink... a lot (daily, and i don't keep track of how much). i don't think it effects my skin at all actually. now if you're drinking because you're depressed (or other problems... stress whatever) THOSE things can wreak havoc on your skin. chug some water before you hit the sack and you won't feel as hungover the next morning. the headaches and all that are a result of dehydration.
  5. i like to think i look like a Hispanic brad pitt. though i'm sure nothing could be further from the truth, i do think being half mexican lends me to more oily and active skin than most. i haven't really found a link between the amount of oil my skin produces and acne though. some weeks it feels like i washed my face in a deep fryer, but i won't have any breakouts. other times, my skin is dry and i get zits all over the place. go figure. i'm sure there's some sort of link between skin type an
  6. pick a regimen and stick with it. and enjoy the things in your life that are going right. i mean, you're at college. thats pretty cool, for one. it sounds like you at least talk with your parents, and thats pretty cool too. and i don't know you, but i'm sure you're an incredibly worthwhile person. your skin will eventually heal up. just don't mess with it. do your regimen in the morning and don't worry about it until you do it again at night. i've been getting better because i've stopped consta
  7. dying. when i go, i want it to be on my terms. and not being remembered when i'm gone. that one scares me... are people really more afraid of worms than leaving the rest of the beauty in this world? that in itself is kinda scary. i don't want to be alone. i haven't had an actual girlfriend in 5 years. but i'd hate to go before experiencing that again.
  8. eh. if someone wants to get to know you, they'll get to know you. if they're small minded enough to think they already do after just a glance, they're not worth knowing in the first place. so fuck 'em.
  9. for the 35th time in this thread, move out. if you need your own space, get it. it's easier if you have a roommate, and they usually won't treat you like shit because they need you too. plus, your family will probably be easier to deal with if you don't have to live with them.
  10. just a small thanks to the cool cats who're on here daily, sharing information and helping others out. since i found this site i've learned more about my skin (and the shit festering in it) than i had the other 23 years of my life. i've started my own regimen since, and i'm hopeful about it for once. i've quit wearing a hoodie to cover my face. i just feel better about things, even if i don't look any different. anyways, thanks. you guys rock.
  11. the thing is, you don't know why people are looking at you (i mean... you're looking at them too)! despite what the media would like us to believe, acne is a very common problem. they might be taken a little more off guard with a smile and salutation than a note. 'hi. screwy weather isn't it?' or whatever... maybe the old guy didn't like the length of you shorts and was wondering 'whats wrong with this generation?' i don't know what other people are thinking, but it seems a little unfair to pres
  12. lol, no he actually used to be one of my soldiers. we abuse each other on a pretty regular basis. bad. it's all love though. just some things you don't need to say. like 'what the fuck is that?!' what an asshole... i'm sending in my ninjas again.